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Barbarossa, We Hardly Knew Ye

At approximately 3am on Sunday, June 22nd 1941 Nazi Germany commenced its massive invasion of the Soviet Union, I`ve consulted Chris Bellamy`s excellent Absolute War on the Russo-Germ...

How to succeed with the new controlled assessments in GCSE English !!

Last September every English GCSE teacher in the UK breathed a huge sigh of relief and started a brand new syllabus as the dreaded coursework was finally deleted forever (hopefully) a...


Motivation The example of an iceberg shows the need to see under people`s surface behaviour; the need of a deeper insight. Only 10% of an iceberg is visible on the surface, 90% ...

Online tutoring benefits

The toughest part of explaining to parents and students about online tutoring is that the vast majority of people (students, parents, teachers and school administrators) who would ben...

Music as a universal language?

"Some writters suggest that music conveys the same meaning to different listeners more accurately than verbal message; music is less likely to be misentrepreted or variously interpret...

Getting your Brain working!

Right so you are in that English lesson and your mind has gone blank, it is absolutely empty. You think to yourself I have no clue about Shakespeare`s Macbeth. The language is weird a...

Hands-on learning

In my experience as a teacher, both in schools and as a home tutor, I have found that there is one important element to teaching that is often undervalued and ignored ~ `hands-on` lea...

Learning the right words

One of the frustrations in learning French is often that you're not given the words you really need to know. I learnt French up to A-level, but I was utterly at a loss when I lived in...

Equipment needed for maths

Mathematical Equipment Throughout school pupils should carry with them certain mathematical instruments in order to properly answer questions that they may face. Fortunately, beyon...

Teaching Pupils Self Assessment

Working on ways to teach my pupils how to take responsibility for their learning is an aspect of my role as a teacher that l intend to devout more time to. During the course of this t...
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