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Training to be selected for Sandhurst

In addition to tutoring English and History, recently it was fun and invigorating to start coaching a young man for the Army Officer Selection Board in October (in to get...

Investment policy statement IPS

IPS mainly focuses on objective & constraints for investment mandate. The IPS must be internally consistent with the return & risk objectives, reasonable given the prevailin...

Cash flow statement

The cash flow statement provides information beyond that available from the income statement, which is based on accrual, rather than cash accounting. The cash flow statement provid...

Mobile Framework for Cognitive Assessment: Trail Making Test and Reaction Time Test

This is an excerpt from my IEEE conference paper, due to the text limit available here:Abstract — This research proposes a mobile framework for two types of cognitive tests - Trai...

Contrast in An Inspector Callls

In An Inspector Calls, Priestley is keen to show his 1945 audience that mistakes made by an uncaring society in the early 1900s, led to a time of ‘;fire and blood an...

Helping with Dyslexia and ADHD

I have now worked with several students who have dyslexia and ADHD. #59;I am still surprised how late these complications get spotted. #59;I am not a specialist dyslexia tut...
Maria Sanziana

Divisibility Rules

You can sometimes get a bit confused about simplifying fractions, finding common factors or figuring out quickly whether a large number divides by a small one (with no remainder) WITH...

The Case for Private Language Tuition

#59;Apart from the few with hyper-acquisitive minds, people learn a language for a purpose, which is often work or family related. There are also those with property abroad whi...

A SOLO?! Are you insane?

We've all been there when the conductor asks, 'Does anyone want to play a solo?'. Most people look at the floor or all of a sudden there's something interesting to look at out of ...

Fractions, Decimals, Percentages and... World Languages

FRACTIONS, DECIMALS, PERCENTAGES AND…; WORLD LANGUAGESThis is an activity I thought of while doing my teacher training. #59;After I demonstrated it to my PGCE Mathematics...
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