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Vulnerability Assessment and Evaluation of Associated Attacks on Physical and Virtual Networks

There is no system in the 21st century that has no vulnerability. Most networks seem to be very secure because the vulnerabilities in them are yet to be discovered. However, these vul...

The start of something new

You pull up in the car, check the house number and wait as the clock counts down to your allotted lesson time, you look at your child, they look back at you and you both feel that sam...

That Was a Shiver and Other Stories By James Kelman

That Was a Shiver and Other StoriesBy James KelmanPublished by CannonGate £14.99 h/b ;At the age of 71, Glaswegian writer James Kelman appears to be enjoying a late-per...

Summer Learning Loss

SUMMER LEARNING LOSSSUMMER LEARNING LOSS is the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of the summer holidays. SUMMER LEARNING LOSS STATISTICS: * 2.6 months of Maths ...

"Why Mathematics is Beautiful and Why it Matters"

An article by David Bailey and Jonathan Borwein:Scientists through the ages have noted, often with some astonishment, not only the remarkable success of mathematics in describing the ...

Descarte`s Sign Rule

Descartes` rule of sign is used to determine the number of real zeros of a polynomial function.It tells us that the number of positive real zeroes in a polynomial function f(x) is the...

Dissatisfaction and Identity Crisis in White Teeth and The Namesake The Assimilation of First and Second Generation Bengali Immigrants into Western Society

Multiculturalism is the belief that it is important and good to include people or ideas from many different countries, races, or religions (Longman Dictionary 1148). If this i...

Relieving Writer’s Block: A Comparison of Possible Remedies Provided by Professors

Writer s block is something which many writers may be troubled by. Peter Elbow, Professor emeritus of English at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, claims to know how to avoid...
Khurram Shamim

Handling the Criticism of Parents/Teachers

Students face lot of time the situation where they face to listen their shortcomings of life or studies from parents and teachers.In this situation like other human beings their first...

Review: Brian Garvey`s "Absence Of Evidence, Evidence Of Absence, And The Atheist’s Teapot"

Brian Garvey s `Absence of Evidence, Evidence of Absence, and the Atheist s Teapot` critiques the teapot argument advanced by Bertrand Russell and Richard Dawkins.[1] This argu...
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