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Become Literate in Greek through Music

How many times have we caught ourselves humming popular songs in languages that we are not able to speak? Definitely English is not the only language for pop music - Je ne regrette ...

Linguistics: A Short Introduction to the Beating Heart of Human Communications

The study of linguistics incorporates a number of aspects which are very closely related, yet distinctive from one another. Some of the aspects we explore most often include phone...

Why It Feels Like Labour Won, Even Though They Lost.

Until the election results came in on Thursday night through to Friday morning, the politics of the left had been framed by the press, politicians and pro-centrists as anachronistic, ...

How to answer A Level Physics questions about practical experiments

A Level PhysicsAnswering 6-mark exam questions about EXPERIMENTS.Try to include most or all of the following points. This looks like a lot of work but most of these can be covered...

Why Studying History Will Make You a Better Person

"What`s the point of history?'lt;/span>As a history teacher, I was often given people`s unadulterated opinion of my subject when asked what I did for a living. "Oh God, I hated histor...

10 Good Reasons to Learn Playing Piano

1. Improves CoordinationPlaying an instrument, e.g piano requires the brain to work at advanced speeds. Reading music is converted in the brain to the physical motion of playing the i...
Dr. Adel

Types of words in Arabic.

In Arabic there are only three types of words:Ism - nouns. إسمFi`l - verbs. فعلHarf - particles. حرفIf a word has the letters "al" ال attached to i...

Genealogy and The Crime Of The Century

Some say that the subject of Genealogy (researching your family tree) is boring. I beg to differ. Let me tell you the story of “The Crime of The Century.” In the late...

BDNF promotes axon branching of retinal ganglion cells via miRNA-132 and p250GAP

A crucial step in the development of the vertebrate visual system is the branching of retinal ganglion cell (RGC) axons within their target, the superior colliculus/tectum. A major pl...

The Alexander Technique Applied To The Piano

In this article I will give you some general notes about the Alexander Technique, which I would be delighted to transmit more fully during our piano lessons.During my career as a pian...
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