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Sociology: modernity or postmodernity?

Type Your ArticSociology: modernity or postmodernity?A textbook definition of sociology states that ‘sociology is the systematic (planned and organised) study of human groups ...

D method of Quadratic Factorisation

In the year 2000, when I first starting to work in a secondary school I was told from a senior maths teaching colleague that students found solving quadratic equations by factorising ...

Electricity: Direct current and circuits

Electricity: Direct current and circuitsElectricity is perhaps the most disliked and least well understood topic in A-level Physics. While it can be difficult, by learning the followi...

Making hard questions easy: general approach

4.3 General question approachWith that covered, we can now look at my generalized recommended question approach, with reasonings for each step. This approach applies to all questions ...

Confidence and the origin of the `bad at maths` lie

1.2 What s needed to ensure good grades?1) Knowledge of the material2) Practice in applying said knowledge to exam questions3) a) Problem solving knowledge and practiceb) Confiden...

1.1 Formulating the problem

1.1 Formulating the problemIn the western world, the early education system largely focuses on learning by rote, adhering to syllabuses and checking boxes. It really does not encourag...

The Worked Example Effect

The worked example effect is a particularly useful teaching and learning strategy when students engage with a new, higher level of study in a subject. Students are presented with work...

Between Kingship and Servitude: Faisal I of Iraq`s relationship with the British colonial power from 1921-1930

"The history of the modern Near East has often been written as though the states were driftwood in the sea of international affairs, their destinies shaped by the decisions of others ...

Write Programmes in logical way

A language is a tool in the hands of a skilled creator. Some might say that you need to be good at mathematical skills to learn to code. Only knowing how to write the code won t ma...

What is a quantum compass

What is a quantum compass? Marios, PhD Sassy Quantum Scientist | Data Scientist | Quantitative modeling | Avid Science Communicator ...
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