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Social Learning Theory Explanation

Social Learning Theory Explanation of Criminal Behaviour Who and What Year? Bandura (1977)Describe the theory in one sentence SLT explains the acquisition of behaviour through ...

How Fraction Misconceptions can Stop You from Getting that Top Mark

So what is stopping pupils from achieving better grades than what they are currently getting? Misconceptions are surely one of them. On this blog, we will be talking about a very comm...

Wrist Movement

Wrist MovementAnatomyWe will give a name to a movement based on the part of our body that moves and becomes responsible for actioning the keys. In the case of the wrist movement, in p...

Curriculum teaching on ‘the Universe’

The topic is ordered in a fashion which presents a narrative which echoes the historical development of our understanding of the universe. This makes good sense since students start...

GCSE English Language Paper 1 - model answer

English language paper 1 model answer Q1. Read again the first part of the Source from lines 1 to 12. List four things from this part of the text about the ship.1)There were noises...

Macbeth by Shakespeare - Revision Notes

Macbeth at a glance: Key Characters: Macbeth: A Scottish nobleman and warrior who murders the King of Scotland in order to take his throne. He has a sense of right and wrong and...

Othello by Shakespeare - Study Notes

Context The play takes place in Venice, around the same time Shakespeare is alive (late 1500s). Othello was written around the same time as Hamlet, King Lear, and Macbeth. The tim...

5 methods of highly effective students

If you re like me, you probably think you have a certain way or style of revising that works best for you. But does revising certain ways actually help us learn better? Researchers ha...

Why the new GCSE maths is a blessing in disguise

Whilst studying for my Mathematics PGCE at King`s College London, I was introduced to the terms `relational` and `instrumental` learning. Instrumental learning (also known as rote...

Exchange Rates Currency Manipulation Eduqas question

The US has recently accused a number of countries of keeping their exchange rates below their free market level. The US has chosen three criteria to use in order to help identify co...
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