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Basic Electrical and Electronic Engineering Resistance

Some Electrical Notes On Resistance These notes do not explain everything for that you will have to see me but show some of the less than obvious things in the resistance sectio...

“Women are poised between perpetrator and victim” How do the authors present women in ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore’ and ‘Paradise Lost’

        In ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore’ and ‘Paradise Lost’, women are placed in the setting of a patriarchal society and their actions then...

Does the exclusive use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom hinder the ability to teach physics?

1.0 Abstract The paper set out to determine if the exclusive use of an interactive whiteboard in a classroom acts as a hindrance to the teaching of physics. Through the use of quest...

Myself and online teaching

I have dual Master`s in Hindi & English, along with Bachelor`s degree in Education with teaching subjects Hindi, English & Sanskrit . I`m a native Hindi speaker and can help stu...

Top 3 Apps for Learning French

The amount of resources available for learning French can be overwhelming. Here are a few of my favourites for learning French (and other languages):1. Duolingo (Android/OS/Web) FreeD...

Gravitation waves detected!

Science fiction? Nope, real life! But i am sure you have heard the news already. I mean, it`s everywhere! Many high school students will attempt to study physics in the university aft...

Acquiring Japanese: What are the Best Methods for Teaching this Difficult Languages?

Whenever I tell someone that my degree is in Japanese, I usually get the same response, `Oh wow! That must be so difficult, I could never do something like that.` the response is the ...

Ecological Relationships

Ecological RelationshipsA summary explanation of the science of Ecological Relationships. A habitat is any place where organisms live.  Organisms can survive only in habitats...

How to find freedom in singing

In the very beginning of trying to explore our vocal potential, it is essential to completely exclude the movement of shoulders whilst we are breathing. The majority of vocal teachers...

How to get children to read

This is such a big  question for many parents and children. For some children it is always going to be easier than for others. There are many reasons, but in most cases steps can ...
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