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Chipping Away: Practice takes Patience

Choosing to take private music lessons is an investment not only of your finances but also of time. Aside from the hour each week spent with the tutor, you are then responsible for re...

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself.

Self Motivation is key in succeeding whatever you do. Therefore I have created a list of my top 5 points to motivate you.1. Remember that checklist?Have a journal or diary. Something ...

Revision guidance

What exactly does studying mean? Should I read, make notes or attempt some questions? How much time should I allocate to my revision? Do you often find yourself asking these questions...

Living With the Stress of Dyslexia - How You Can Help Your Child Cope

Children with dyslexia face daily battles to just try to keep up with their peers. For some, it can become a little too much. Children`s anxiety linked to dyslexia is a real concern...

Example A Level Economics Essay

Example AS Macro Essay AQA June 2017 Qu 32 lt;/h1>Use the extracts and your knowledge of economics to assess the policies that could be used to reduce the UK s balance of trade de...

Tips for writing a good CV in English

Writing a good CV in English is a challenging but necessary step in career development. It can be especially difficult for non-native English speakers. As a professional recruiter ...

The speed of electric current

There is a well-known statement that the speed of the electric current is equal to the speed of light and is 300 thousand kilometers per second. An electromagnetic wave travels in...

Before Your First Lesson

All the things you will need for your first violin lesson: a violin and bow shoulder rest/sponge book of sheet music (your tutor will recommend what you should purchase) Not sure what...

Performing Magic in Schools

I have recently been asked to write an article about `performing magic as a classroom teacher,` for an Internet-based magic ezine. This is the article that I have submitted. I hope...


Teaching MethodologyFirst Understand the Learner`s capabilities.Learners are different types. They can t read or write even native language. Native language may not have a written ...
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