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Scaffolding and Mental Stamina

Enquiry title: How can effective scaffolding help to increase the mental stamina of students with slower processing skills, whilst allowing them to access scorching activities?Targete...

A simple explanation of Exchange Rates

Exchange rates refer to the price (or value) of one country`s currency against that of another country s or economic blocs (for example the EU), currency. At the time of writ...

Van der Waals Forces/Intermolecular Forces

In all A-level specifications students are required to learn about "Inter-molecular Forces". As a former teacher and tutor this is one of the common areas I get asked to explain.First...

Injuries in Pianists

Advice for pianists on healthy piano techniquesIt is a well-known fact that pianists are more predisposed to occupational injuries than any other musicians. The most probable reason...

Even This can be Regarded as Cheating in OET

Are you ready to take OET? You must have spent a lot of time in OET preparation. And now, you are expecting to perform the best on the exam, aren t you?But, before you take the OET,...

Why Cooperation is Effective

To the peaceful memory of Professor Anatol RapoportDr. Anatol Rapoport (1911-2007) One cannot play chess if one becomes aware of the pieces as living souls and of the fact that the ...

A Westerna In India - A story of sustainable design through Critical Regionalism

Introduction For the purpose of the text and the operating context, sustainability is defined as follows:-Sustainability is Design that seeks to minimize the negative environmental im...

Revision Techniques

Revision Techniques EnglishFor revision purposes for examinations try using the following suggestions:organise your time management - sort out different subjects to be revised at diff...

Simultaneous Learning by Paul Harris

Paul Harris is considered one of the most eminent music educators in the UK. In his book Simultaneous Learning he introduces a teaching approach which benefits pupils as well as teach...

Essential tips on how to sing better

Please breath between musical phrases. Don't try to sing whole song on one breath. Take your time. You are on the stage and there is no need to rush. Between musical phrases we ne...
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