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Understanding the Concept of Opportunity Cost

A key concept in Economics is that of Opportunity Cost . The definition of Opportunity Cost is the benefit of the next best alternative forgone . For instance, if you have 2 hours...

New Further Maths A/S and A`Level Will Cause Panic in the World of Maths Teaching

Needless to say, even before I stat writing, I am able to support all the subjects at the foot of this blog post. I also welcome comments about the post.The new further Maths sylla...

Haydn Sonata in F Hob. XVIF3 Bozner

NOTE: For the sake of this analysis, we will only consider themes, those musical compounds which are more than 8 bars long. EXPOSITIONTheme AThe correlation between short and long not...

What is a Satellite?

What is a Satellite? The word satellite doesn t necessarily describe a mechanical box floating through space with solar panels attached to either sides. In more general terms, a s...

How Can Music Benefit Children with Autism?

The Characteristics of Autism Children with autism may suffer from some or all of the characteristics from the Triad of Impairments . These can include: 1. Impairments ...

How to pass P2 Corporate Reporting

Of the compulsory ACCA exams, P2 is the paper students find most challenging and pass rates reflect this by frequently being below 50%. There are several reasons for poor performa...

How to pass ACA Professional Level exams

The Professional Level exams are a major step up from Certificate level in terms of the level of technical content, complexity of the exam paper questions and the time pressure face...

The Benefits of Online Tuition

As we go further into the 21st century, technology has become more and more advanced. This has in turn heralded a shift from traditional face to face business to an increasingly onlin...

How can Classical Civilisation change your life?

The civilization we now call classical was lived in the lands surrounding the Mediterranean, eventually as far the boundary of the Roman empire in Britain, for a period of nearly 10...


Polish belongs to the group of inflected languages, which means that words change their forms and endings depend on their position in a sentence. The cases describe the position of ...
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