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We have developed a new platform for tutors to deliver online lessons. If you want to offer online, click on the 'sign up' banner above and register as a tutor . Once you have registered, you will need to add the subjects you wish to offer online tuition for. This will make your profile available on our online search.

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Benefits of Online Tuition

  • You get to select from a much wider pool of tutors as the distance to the tutor is no longer a limiting factor.
  • You have access to Tutor Hunt online whiteboard. Most students have been using interactive whiteboards at schools for many years. Our interactive whiteboard is very similar to this and was developed with the aim of making online learning more effective.

Benefits of becoming an online tutor

  • You open up your profile to a much bigger student base, since potential students will be no longer limited by being too far away for tuition.
  • You will have access to Tutor Hunt interactive whiteboard which will allow you to deliver quality lessons. This virtual whiteboard will be displayed on both your screen and the student's screen simultaneously. Any explanatory diagrams you draw will appear in real time on the student's whiteboard. This is a very popular teaching tool, utilized by many teachers, who wish to offer teaching opportunities to students, where prohibitive distance would otherwise prevent any lessons from taking place. This feature includes the functionality for audio, so you can converse freely with the student.