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Effective study techniques

Effective study techniquesIf we ask students how they study at home for an exam we will see that the most popular answers involve `read notes` and `highlight key-points`. Actually th...

The new maths GCSE curriculum

From GCSE examinations taken in June 2017 there have been a number of changes in the maths GCSE. These changes have been wide ranging. Below I am going to highlight the changes by ans...
Nguyen Chuong

GCSE Maths: Factorise Quadratics with Leading Coefficient 1

Key Concept:To factorise a quadratic of the form:x2 + bx + cwrite it as (x + r1) (x + r2)where c = r1 r&l...

how to do multiplications with decimals

It always seems difficult to solve long multiplication questions, especially if the decimal numbers are involved.Here is a simple way of finding the answer of long multiplications wit...

How Fraction Misconceptions can Stop You from Getting that Top Mark

So what is stopping pupils from achieving better grades than what they are currently getting? Misconceptions are surely one of them. On this blog, we will be talking about a very comm...

Why the new GCSE maths is a blessing in disguise

Whilst studying for my Mathematics PGCE at King`s College London, I was introduced to the terms `relational` and `instrumental` learning. Instrumental learning (also known as rote...

Studying made easy

The study of mathematics is important to all subject areas as it relates to so many fields in our lives. Many people find mathematics quite difficult to understand, and arguably mathe...

Teaching Mathematics

Being a lifetime learner and teacher of Mathematics the mandatory points as par my view that must not be neglected while teaching are:1) Clarification of preliminary concepts of t...

Maths and Chaos Theory

Incredible mathematics is all around us in everyday things: it's even there, submerged in seemingly simple water droplets falling from a dripping tap. We can use iterative algebraic f...

What is Mathsematics

Mathematics is defined as the study of measurements, numbers, and space, one of the first sciences developed by humans because of its many benefits. The word "mathematics" refers to t...
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