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Fractions word problems

If James ran 3/4 of the race track and the race track was 20 meters, how far did James run? If Lucy used 2/10 of a 1kg bag of flour, how much d...

How does Youtube support learning maths?

Edgar Dale was professor of education of Ohio state university and was credited as being The father of modern media in education . In 1946 he published his Cone of Experienc...

Messing with Infinity

Messing with InfinityAlthough being a fundamental concept in pure mathematics, infinity is quite a challenging one to get one’s head around. I do not aspire to an exhaustive di...

Log Integral Varieties

{Log Integral Varieties}{abstract}We discuss computation of indefinite integrals of the form $$I_{m,n}:=int x^{m}(ln x)^{n} dx, (m,n)inmathbb{N}^{2},$$for a range of values $(m,n)$, f...

An overview of the new A-level and GCSE & IGCSE exams.

The Department for Education has pushed through big changes to GCSE, AS and A-level exams, aimed at making them more fit for purpose . In practice most of the changes make exams ...
Krysia (krystyna)

The New Maths Syllabus

If you have children who did GCSEs last year you will be aware that there is a new exam with a new grading structure (1 9) where 9 is the highest grade. That is not the only ...

What is the best way to help with your child`s maths?

When it comes to maths it always seem simple to understand as there is always a set answer. However, in school we try to teach skills that can be used across the curriculum and in rea...

Base 8

The importance of place value is emphasised by the number of times it appears throughout the key stages in the National Curriculum, starting in key stage 1 where children in years ...


One area which commonly students find challenging in GCSE Maths, is how to create Linear equations from Exam Question Paper Information, so that they can solve them.Here is an examp...

Coins - a question from an AQA Foundation Specimen paper

Ranjit has six coins in his pocket. If he picks five of the coins, the most he could pick is £4.60. The least he could pick is £2.70 How much money does he have altog...
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