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The Importance of Learning Maths Concepts in the 21st Century

The Importance of Learning Maths Concepts in the 21st CenturyHow Maths concepts are learned and the importance of confidenceMathematics is a unique learning experience. To have a hig...

"Why Mathematics is Beautiful and Why it Matters"

An article by David Bailey and Jonathan Borwein:Scientists through the ages have noted, often with some astonishment, not only the remarkable success of mathematics in describing the ...

Descarte`s Sign Rule

Descartes` rule of sign is used to determine the number of real zeros of a polynomial function.It tells us that the number of positive real zeroes in a polynomial function f(x) is the...


A line has an equation y = e^(2x) - 10e^(x) +12x, find dy/dxTo differentiate this equation, treat it like you would any other equation you are differentiating without exponentials i.e...

Revising A-Level Maths

1) Know your syllabus. Complete ALL mixed exercises from each book chapter. Follow up on mistakes with corrections. Write down a list of your Problem Questions on the front of work so...

Lesson planning for algebra

When lesson planning it is of the utmost importance to take as many things into account as possible in order to avoid a lesson going awry and becoming uncontrollable and resulting i...

Fractions word problems

If James ran 3/4 of the race track and the race track was 20 meters, how far did James run? If Lucy used 2/10 of a 1kg bag of flour, how much d...

How does Youtube support learning maths?

Edgar Dale was professor of education of Ohio state university and was credited as being The father of modern media in education . In 1946 he published his Cone of Experienc...

Messing with Infinity

Messing with InfinityAlthough being a fundamental concept in pure mathematics, infinity is quite a challenging one to get one’s head around. I do not aspire to an exhaustive di...

Log Integral Varieties

{Log Integral Varieties}{abstract}We discuss computation of indefinite integrals of the form $$I_{m,n}:=int x^{m}(ln x)^{n} dx, (m,n)inmathbb{N}^{2},$$for a range of values $(m,n)$, f...
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