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Coins - a question from an AQA Foundation Specimen paper

Ranjit has six coins in his pocket. If he picks five of the coins, the most he could pick is £4.60. The least he could pick is £2.70 How much money does he have altog...

Factorising quadratic equations

An important point to make clear on this subject is as follows:Not all quadratic equations can be factorised!In general, the general form of a quadratic equation is ax2 + bx + c where...

Intermediate Value Theorem (IVT) (Calculus)

The intermediate value theorem is a theorem that allows us mathematicians to essentially make claims on continuous functions without knowing a specific number however knowing it exist...

Algebra 2

Substitution in an equation is all about plugging in or putting in particular values for one or more terms in an equation in order to work out a total. Why would we want to do thi...

Algebra 4

Factorising is the opposite of expanding brackets. When we factorise, we put brackets in. In the previous session we looked at the expression x(y + 1). If we expand the brackets w...

Algebra 3

The expression xy means x times y. But what are we to make of the expression x(y+1)? This must mean x times (y+1) which, in turn, means x times y plus x times 1 - everything outsi...

Algebra 1

Algebra is about solving equations. Or to be more precise, we solve equations using algebra. One of the most simple ideas in algebra is the idea of collecting like terms, or simpl...

Algebra 7

Consider the linear equation 2x + 1 = 5 If we solve this equation we get x = 2. What happens if we plug x = 2 into the left hand side of the equation? We get 5. What happens if w...

New Further Maths A/S and A`Level Will Cause Panic in the World of Maths Teaching

Needless to say, even before I stat writing, I am able to support all the subjects at the foot of this blog post. I also welcome comments about the post.The new further Maths sylla...

The Benefits of Online Tuition

As we go further into the 21st century, technology has become more and more advanced. This has in turn heralded a shift from traditional face to face business to an increasingly onlin...
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