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Understanding the context of questions in Mathematics and choosing appropriate method for solving.

As the examinations are approaching, I thought it may well be appropriate to point out the importance of carefully paying attention to context of questions.Rather than talking in gene...

Maths does not have to be dry

This is my first article about mathematics for Tutorhunt. Why most students feel dry, boring and complete disinterest in mathematics. This brings to the point, what purpose does a...

maths gcse questions

Try your hand at these GCSE &questions1. Which of these shapes has the most sides?HexagonOctagonRhombusTrapezium2. Nadia has £5 to buy pencils and rulers.Prices:Pencils - 8p eac...

How to Use Maths Revision Guides

How to Use Maths Revision GuidesUsing revision guides and workbooks to revise has been the traditional way to revise for an exam. There are hundreds of revision guides and workbooks a...

Communicating Mathematical Thinking?

Towards making Maths Understandable.Mathematicians as researchers need to better attend to communicating not just their definitions, theorems, and proofs, but also their ways of think...

Why maths is hard

As a keen historian of Mathematics and Physics I can provide the crucial perspective of the evolution of ideas. It is important to remember why Maths and Physics is hard! We are afte...

Effective study techniques

Effective study techniquesIf we ask students how they study at home for an exam we will see that the most popular answers involve `read notes` and `highlight key-points`. Actually th...

The new maths GCSE curriculum

From GCSE examinations taken in June 2017 there have been a number of changes in the maths GCSE. These changes have been wide ranging. Below I am going to highlight the changes by ans...
Nguyen Chuong

GCSE Maths: Factorise Quadratics with Leading Coefficient 1

Key Concept:To factorise a quadratic of the form:x2 + bx + cwrite it as (x + r1) (x + r2)where c = r1 r&l...

how to do multiplications with decimals

It always seems difficult to solve long multiplication questions, especially if the decimal numbers are involved.Here is a simple way of finding the answer of long multiplications wit...
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