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Immerse yourself in the German language

I often talk to my students about how helpful it may be to access some German TV programmes online. The idea is that you just immerse yourself in the language and don`t worry about un...

The German cases

CASESCase refers to the role that a noun or pronoun plays in a sentence. In German there are four cases, each associated with a different role.Nominative case. The noun/pronoun is the...

How I know you will succeed in your language studies

I have been a German Teacher and Tutor for over 13 years. I have taught adult learners one-to-one and over skype. I have taught evening classes in schools and companies. I have taug...

18 principles of language learning

Learn language by listening and reading.1) Work with audio and written material that is just above your level, a little bit difficult - but not too much!2) Read and/or listen to the m...

English / German "Cognates" - look at all these German words you already know!

Here are some rules to identify cognates - have a look at how different consonants and vowels change from German to English. Being aware of these rules will make it easy for you to id...

German Word order

The word order of a german sentence The grammatical word for it is syntax. the word order (die Wortstellung) in German sentences is more variable and more flexible than in English.In ...

A guide to German pronunciation

What I really like about German is the fact that it is a phonetic language i.e. you pronounce the words as they`re spelt and there aren`t any letters or syllables that are silent (lik...

Why learn German?

Most people have at some time or other been across the Channel to France, even if it was only for a day trip. It is our closest foreign neighbour and a popular holiday destination, ev...

Optimising Your German

Learning a language is exciting and fun though most people have a limited number of hours for their tuition due to other commitments. Most students studying for GCSE or A-level G...

Building your vocabulary

The word Wortschatz in German means `vocabulary` but, more importantly it contains two words; `Wort` meaning word, of course and secondly, `Schatz` which means `treasure`. That is ho...
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