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(E-)signing on the dotted line: the use of electronic signatures

IntroductionE-signatures the authentication of documents by electronic or digital means are not new. However, their uptake in corporate transactions has been surprisingly slow. ...

The brave new world of biometrics

Have you ever found yourself frustrated at forgetting a login or having to reset your pass word? More importantly, are you worried that your online profile has been compromised becaus...

Constructive trust - Jones v Kernott 2011 case note

Jones v Kernott 2011 concerned a couple that purchased a property in 1095 for £30 000 in joint names without making a declaration as to how the beneficial interest in the prop...

Beneficial ownership - Stack v Dowden 2007 case note

Stack v Dowden concerned a couple that had formed a relationship in 1975 and moved in together in 1983. Initially they lived in a property owned by Ms Dowden which was sold in 1993...

5 Skills to Better Manage Conflict

Whether you re a solicitor or President of your local Spanish Club, you re bound to run into a conflict of interests, the clash of opinion, or perhaps even a full-blown war with someo...

Right to Information

Right to Information Origins of openness More than two centuries ago, Sweden passed the first freedom of information law in the world. It abolished political censorship and provided...

Explore the nature and adequacy of transitional justice arrangements in ONE OR MORE theatres of mass violence.

In response to the decimation (Maogoto 2004:11) of the Rwandan Tutsis in 1994, the United Nations, and the new Rwandan government, enacted a series of transitional justice mechanism...

Brexit and the legal challenges

It is important to understand the implications of Brexit and what this may effect in the legal sector. It is unequivocal that leaving the European un ion will have a massive effect on...

A clear understanding of the legal route

Law is not just a fascinating subject, but it enables you to broaden your mind in terms of the political landscape that we see today, by applying legal skill and knowledge and inter...

Legal prohibition on prisoners from accessing social networking sites.

The English legal system, has for long served for the betterment and welfare of the society and for prisoners, as they remain a vital component of the same society, the supreme nature...
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