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How I stopped being a teacher afraid of public speaking - TES

It began in my stomach: an unanticipated flutter that became a tight knot. Then the skin, muscle and bone of my hands appeared to have turned into lettuce.A red face followed, along w...

Ways to survive at first Year University

Congratulation in gaining admission into a University. Your time at university will be one of the most exciting times of your life. Full of opportunities, friends from different parts...

What Having a “Growth Mindset” Actually Means

Scholars are deeply gratified when their ideas catch on. And they are even more gratified when their ideas make a difference improving motivation, innovation, or productivity, for exa...

Five lifestyle changes to enhance your mood & help you study bette

1- Improve your diet and start being more active Learn which foods are good for your brain. Wholefoods like green vegetables are vital to ensure that your brain is working at its ...

Being organised: tips for sixth-formers.

I was never a naturally organised student. As a boy, I would frequently return home without my PE Kit, my pencil case, my jumper. My notes were a mess and it was only the herd-like ...

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself.

Self Motivation is key in succeeding whatever you do. Therefore I have created a list of my top 5 points to motivate you.1. Remember that checklist?Have a journal or diary. Something ...

Discoverying Japanese Society - Four Cultural Quirks!

Japan is one of the most unique societies on earth with a number of distinctive cultural quirks. In some countries, an ignorance of cultural habits may not be seen as a big issue, yet...

Effective ways to enhance learning

Studying is an important aspect of a student s daily life. However, in order to score high and efficient, it is not the hours that one studies that accounts for but it is how effici...

Shape Your Habits, Because Your Habits Shape You

As the baker is taking out the bread from the oven, he observes something unusual. One of the loaves has a dent. At that very moment the baker knows that there is a problem. After he ...

No the show must not go on!

Watching a documentary about the British Royal Family - Inside Buckingham Palace. It has a bit of history as you would expect but also sufficient drama and gossip about arguably the m...
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