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How to find a tutor at Tutor Hunt

Finding the right tutor can be difficult: every student is unique, and so responds differently do varying methods of teaching. What works for one individual will not necessarily work for another. The methods employed in the classroom, standing before a group of thirty pupils, will not work when sitting with one student: a good classroom teacher may be a poor one to one tutor. So how then can a good teacher be located? Since you have found your way to here to Tutor Hunt, we believe you are on the right path already! We have many years experience in bringing tutors and pupils together, and feel certain that the perfect teacher, for you or a family member, is registered on our site right now! We have thousands of experienced teachers signed up with us.

The most important factor will be the tutor-s qualifications - you will obviously want them to hold a qualification in the subject they teach: perhaps they will be educated to degree level, and will have some teaching experience in schools and universities. All these details are clearly listed on their profile page. This is not to say a tutor with a PhD in subject X will necessarily be a better teacher for you than someone who merely possesses a degree or A levels in the same discipline. There are other factors to bear into consideration too - perhaps most significant is the teachers personality. The best learning environment is a relaxed one, with the tutor cultivating an interest in the subject. If the pupil - especially if they are very young - does not feel at ease, they will be unreceptive, and unable to assimilate new information.

The profile page contains a personal statement written by each tutor: reading this will allow some of their personality to be gleamed. Most will also supply a photograph, along with references. You must decide if you are willing to travel to the tutors abode, or insist upon them coming to your place of residence. You may be flexible in these matters, but a decision will help narrow down potential candidates, since all tutors will state on their profile page whether they are willing to travel, and if so, how far. The search facility on the homepage will allow you to select tutors by postcode, thus ensuring you will be looking for teachers within your area. Many people find it apposite to have one tutor teaching them two, or even more subjects. This can be a sensible approach, since spending more time with just one tutor can be conducive to the student becoming acclimatised to the new learning environment, rather than having to get used to a whole group of different teachers. For the tutor also it can be effective teaching different subjects to just one student, for they well learn the particular methods best suited to teaching this individual pupil. Since travel expenses may be incurred, this method can be prudent. Most tutors teach more than one subject, which they will clearly list, individually priced per hour, on their profile page. A good way to start, once you have found a couple of tutors that seem suitable, will be to write to them with any questions you have. If after corresponding with the tutor you then find them to be suitable, and wish to start tuition with them, a button will be visible enabling you to purchase their contact details.