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Infection and Response Q&A

INFECTION AND RESPONSE 1 1. Explain how diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, protists and fungi are spread in animals and plants2. Explain how the spread of diseases can...

Organisation Q&A

ORGANISATION 11. What name is given to the basic building blocks of all living organisms2. Define tissue3. Define organ4. Order cell, organ, organism, organ system, ...

Cell Biology Q&A

CELL BIOLOGY 1 1. What do eukaryotic cells contain?2. What do prokaryotic cells contain?3. Which is smaller, a prokaryotic cell or eukaryotic cell?4. Give two example...

How are electrical impulses transmitted across synapses?

Action potential opens voltage gated Ca2+ channels Ca2+ enters presynaptic terminal causes exocytosis of vesicles Acetylcholine diffuses across cleft at neuromuscul...

How do muscles contract?

Muscular stimulation AP propagates along surface membrane and into T tubulesElectrical impulse stimulates release of Ca2+ ions from sarcoplasmic reticulum

Tackling 6 mark AQA GCSE Biology questions.

For many students, answering a 6-mark AQA Biology GCSE question can be daunting. With so much information to process, where do you start? The solution might be simpler than you thin...
Chloe Laura

Testing for carbohydrates

TesAng for carbohydrates. These tests are QUALITATIVE this means they do not tell us any exact data, just yes or no answers i.e. is there a reducing ...
Chloe Laura

Biological Molecules

2.2Biological Molecules. (a) how hydrogen bonding occurs between water molecules, and relate this, and other proper8es of water, to the roles ...

The structure and function of the kidney

The KidneyFunction: carries out ultrafiltration of the blood to remove waste material whilst maintaining constant levels of useful substances such as glucoseOverall structure: Can be ...

How is blood transported throughout the body

Our body needs blood to allow transport of nutrients to the different cells to function. In it we mainly find- White blood cells - Cells used in our immune system- Red blood cells - T...
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