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Understanding Shakespeare`s Iago

Iago is the very disturbing villain of Shakespeare`s Othello. In Iago`s case, the destruction he goes on to cause is not the scariest thing about him. The scariest thing really is the...

Discuss the following assessment of Hamlet’s character: "He was likely, had he been put on, to have been most royal" (Fortinbras).

This quotation comes at the very end of Hamlet as Fortinbras gives his own assessment of Hamlet s character in his eyes, the Danish Prince would have been a noble, apt king for Den...

English in today`s schools

English in today`s schoolsIn many respects, today`s children are the most "educated" in the history of the world. Most will spend more than fifteen years in education and most will e...

Rhizomatic Thought

The rhizome is an antigenealogy. ... The rhizome operates by variation, expansion, conquest, capture, offshoots (Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus). Discuss how the ...

Fantasy Worlds in "Romeo and Juliet"

Fantasy Worlds in Romeo and JulietSusan Snyder explains that tragedies are based upon the fated quality of what has already happened and cannot be changed or evaded (1979: 11). In...

Top Tips for Reading Comprehension Skills

Depending on the type of text, students will need to use a variety of reading subskills. Here are some activities you can use to develop the different subskills.A: Scan ReadingWhen we...

“Women are poised between perpetrator and victim” How do the authors present women in ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore’ and ‘Paradise Lost’

        In ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore’ and ‘Paradise Lost’, women are placed in the setting of a patriarchal society and their actions then...

The Show Analysis

This poem is primarily the expression of the devastation left as a result of the war. The first stanza paints a desolate descri ption of a dismal battlefield landscape which then d...

The Send Off Analysis

Written at training camp in Ripon, Wilfred Owen wrote The Send-off primarily as an expression of the rough journey taken both physically and mentally by the soldiers, the vill...

Mental Cases Analysis

English war poet Wilfred Owen first drafted Mental Cases in Ripon in May 1918 based on the horrors he witnessed in Craiglockheart. It is a sardonic message disillusioning the grim...
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