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"Invisible Students"

"Invisible Students" - A short article on a teaching topic that I really care about!"Invisible students" are the pupils in a class that go by unnoticed. They are the students who do n...

English Literature coursework (recieved 100%)

Victorian society was built on customs and superstitions connected to religion, death and magic even the so-called ‘realist’ authors of the era could not escape using clear m...

How English Tutors can Maximise the performance of their students

English Language To thrive in English Language the key elements outlined by all specifications across the country entail the ability to successfully extract information through readi...

What 2 Things Should Students Do When Writing an Essay in an English Exam?

What 2 Things Should Students Do When Writing an Essay in an English Exam?When a student is sitting an English exam, an essay question is instructing you what to write about. An essay...

Dissatisfaction and Identity Crisis in White Teeth and The Namesake The Assimilation of First and Second Generation Bengali Immigrants into Western Society

Multiculturalism is the belief that it is important and good to include people or ideas from many different countries, races, or religions (Longman Dictionary 1148). If this i...

Relieving Writer’s Block: A Comparison of Possible Remedies Provided by Professors

Writer s block is something which many writers may be troubled by. Peter Elbow, Professor emeritus of English at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, claims to know how to avoid...

‘Analyse Dickens’s use of narrative voice and point of view in Great Expectations’

Analyse Dickens s use of narrative voice and point of view in Great Expectations The work entitled Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens is perhaps one of the mo...

Discuss the implications of violent sexual relations in a post-colonial society in Coetzee’s Disgrace with reference to Salih’s Season of Migration to the North.

Within both A Season of Migration to the North and Disgrace, Salih and Coetzee portray the rape of white women as an act of vengeance committed by the previously-colonized peoples...

King Lear and A View from the Bridge: Exploring Shakespeare`s and Miller`s Presentation of Fathers and their Roles within Relationships

Within both King Lear and A View from the Bridge, paternal figures are demonstrated to be essential within society. As fathers, both Lear and Carbone struggle with their roles as f...

Writing work emails effectively and quickly

Many people working in the UK lack confidence when writing emails. They will be excellent communicators, work to high professional levels and be competent team players but the thoug...
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