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The UK system of government and politics

A summary of the UK`s system of politics and governmentThe United Kingdom`s system of government is based upon structures, institutions, rules, laws, conventions and theoretical co...

Why It Feels Like Labour Won, Even Though They Lost.

Until the election results came in on Thursday night through to Friday morning, the politics of the left had been framed by the press, politicians and pro-centrists as anachronistic, ...

The Taoist Philosophy of John Gray

The Taoist Philosophy of John Gray Multiculturalism and Immigration within Liberal DemocraciesAt the Munich Security Conference of the 5th February 2011, the...

The U.S. Invasion Sparked Persecution of Iraqi Christians. Here’s Why.

According to a recent report, since 2003, the population of Christians in Iraq has fallen from 1.4 million to just 275,000. The report concluded this was due to the lack of security, ...

Assess the relative importance of factors likely to lead to success for Pressure Groups in Washington

Pressure groups aim to affect government policy using various methods such as lobbying and organising grass root movements. The separation of powers in the Constitution means there ar...

The ideological differences between the Democratic and Republican parties are far greater than the differences within them- Discuss

The Democratic and Republican Parties are the two major political parties in the United States and they represent the more liberal and more conservative parts of the electorate respec...

`Politics is powerfully shaped by the resource curse in the former Soviet Union`

Politics is powerfully shaped by the resource curse in the former Soviet un ion as resource wealth in countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan for example has allowed for...

What Lessons Can Those Seeking Radical Social and Poitical Change Take From the Spanish Civil War?

What lessons can those seeking radical social change learn from the Spanish Revolution? The Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939, and the collectivisation of both industrial and agrarian ...

Aesthetics and Politics in Postmodern Theory

How are Politics and Aesthetics linked in Postmodern Theory?: Exploring Frederic Jameson and Zygmunt Bauman s Aesthetico-Political Positions. The turn towards the primacy of aesthet...

The Rise of the Far Right Since the 1980s

Since the 1980s, there has been a drastic rise in the number of niche parties (Spies and Franzmann, 2011: p.1044) on the political stage in many European countries. Among the most p...
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