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How to Find the Right Tutor

Our aim at Tutor Hunt is to help you find a tutor who is right for you. Whatever subject you want some extra assistance with, we want to ensure that you find a tutor who has not only the requisite knowledge and qualifications to help you, but the personality to teach it in a way that works for you.

If you are a parent, hoping to find a teacher for your child, you will want a someone who inspires confidence, and engenders an interest in their subject. It is important your child feels at ease with the tutor, that the environment is one convivial to learning. In the classroom the teacher cannot possibly gauge whether each pupil has fully grasped the concept at hand, before they move onto the next: with one on one tuition there are no distractions, for pupil or teacher. The pupil can ask for extra explanation in a particular area, while the tutor can assess and alter their teaching methods for their audience of one.

Obviously the success of this situation is dependent upon selecting the right tutor. Here are Tutor Hunt we have thousands of teachers, covering a whole range of subjects, ranging from sports coaches and advisors, chefs wishing to impart their culinary knowledge, and of course, a wide range of tutors covering the more traditional academic subjects. To begin your search for your tutor, click the search button on the blue toolbar. Next adjust the criteria to suit your situation: choose the subject you wish to be tutored in, and enter your home postcode. You will now be presented with a list of tutors. Don't be daunted if the list is rather long! The more choice you have, the more likely you will find the perfect tutor! Clicking display profile will bring up further information on a tutor. Here on their profile page you will be presented with a host of information. The subjects taught, and specifically, to what level, will be shown. The price they charge per hour will also be listed. They will state the times they are available to tutor, and the distances they are willing to travel. Many tutors are willing to tutor online, which may be of interest to you. The profile page is designed to help you find the right tutor. You should spend some time browsing through our catalogue of available teachers, and narrow down your search to three or four. Once these are selected, you will likely have a few specific questions to ask each of them: you can contact each tutor using the green button at the top of their profile page. You will need to register before this step, but that only takes a moment. Once registered you will be able to contact any of our tutors, and ask them any questions that will help you in your selection process. Don't be in too much of a hurry - look at the profile pages of many different tutors, gather as much information as you can, and then contact those who you feel may be suitable for you. We have new tutors joining every day here at Tutor Hunt, and are passionate about finding the right teacher for each student who comes to our site.

Remember at Tutor Hunt we make it simple to locate tutors for your son or daughter. Try our Search to find tutors.