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‘What do you consider to have been the most important causes of rebellion among the common people during the Tudor period?’

Across the reigns of the Tudor monarchs a number of rebellions took place, which had a wide range of different causes among the common people that were serious enough to spark popular...

Why Studying History Will Make You a Better Person

"What`s the point of history?'lt;/span>As a history teacher, I was often given people`s unadulterated opinion of my subject when asked what I did for a living. "Oh God, I hated histor...

Genealogy and The Crime Of The Century

Some say that the subject of Genealogy (researching your family tree) is boring. I beg to differ. Let me tell you the story of “The Crime of The Century.” In the late...

How convincing is Ginsborg’s analysis of the reasons for Mussolini’s dismissal and imprisonment in July 1943?

How convincing is Ginsborg s analysis of the reasons for Mussolini s dismissal and imprisonment in July 1943? The King knew he had to act to prevent his dynasty being damned ...

Medieval tombs and the public scene of Pre-Reformation churches: 1300–1517

This was an essay I submitted in my third year of my BA at Southampton. I received 78% for it, and I hope it`s useful as an example of essay structure. Unfortunately Tutor Hunt`s syst...

Did every German in world war two supported Hitler?

This Essay intends to explore the theory that every German in world war two supported Hitler, they adored him for his vague, promiscuous and interesting policies and also the fact tha...

Was William Wallace a braveheart or a blackheart?

Was William Wallace a Braveheart or a Blackheart? The Wallace tale is relatively heroic and people think of Wallace as someone to believe in and look up to, as he was portrayed to lo...


IntroductionThe 20th century marks a turning point in American foreign policy, coinciding with the various wars that the USA took part in, and how they fared within. The Vietnam War...

To what extent were the rights gained by African Americans during Reconstruction eroded by 1912

The Reconstruction Period which ended in 1877 had, in theory, improved the situation of African Americans (hereafter, blacks) in America. However, the Reconstruction Period had ende...

How far do you agree that it was the role of war which brought about the most significant changes to Russian government and society across the period 1856-1964?

From 1856 to 1964, Russia s involvement in war had blown together- and then put back together- an empire covering one-sixth of the surface of the globe . Inevitably, significan...
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