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A simple explanation of Exchange Rates

Exchange rates refer to the price (or value) of one country`s currency against that of another country s or economic blocs (for example the EU), currency. At the time of writ...

Globalization has weakened the ability of central banks to control the dynamics of inflation

This essay will look at the role increasing globalisation has had on a central banks ability to control the dynamics of inflation. The main literature on this topic is by Woodford (...

Example A Level Economics Essay

Example AS Macro Essay AQA June 2017 Qu 32 lt;/h1>Use the extracts and your knowledge of economics to assess the policies that could be used to reduce the UK s balance of trade de...

Exchange Rates Currency Manipulation Eduqas question

The US has recently accused a number of countries of keeping their exchange rates below their free market level. The US has chosen three criteria to use in order to help identify co...

Evaluate whether a central bank should ever allow a retail bank to fail.

The performance of Citigroup, one of the largest US retail banks, has recently improved. The bank had suffered huge losses during the financial crisis of 2008 and it had to be rescued...

Why might firms favour Foreign Direct Investment rather than Exporting, Licensing or Franchising?

Nations in recent decades have made important forward leaps towards an inclusive environment which has contributed greatly to making global business dealings free from restrictions ...

Land of White Gold

South of San Pedro de Atacama lies the largest salt flat in Chile. Stretching over 100 kilometres of what is commonly called the dryest place on Earth, the Salar de Atacama has become...

The Quality of Money

What is the purpose of money? Where does it come from? Inequality generates trade and specialisation creates the need for money . A good money is widely marketable and must function ...

Understanding the Concept of Opportunity Cost

A key concept in Economics is that of Opportunity Cost . The definition of Opportunity Cost is the benefit of the next best alternative forgone . For instance, if you have 2 hours...


These model answers should give students a basic idea of the style of writing that is expected of them in an exam:What is globalisation? [2-4 marks] - The processes that have resulte...
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