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How to answer A Level Physics questions about practical experiments

A Level PhysicsAnswering 6-mark exam questions about EXPERIMENTS.Try to include most or all of the following points. This looks like a lot of work but most of these can be covered...

What is a Satellite?

What is a Satellite? The word satellite doesn t necessarily describe a mechanical box floating through space with solar panels attached to either sides. In more general terms, a s...

How Low Can You Orbit Without Falling Back To Earth?

You are most likely aware that we have artificial satellites, primarily the ones that help broadcast TV and radio signals, that orbit our planet high up in space. These satellites, af...

Going beyond the syllabus

A good way to engage students with the material they encounter on the syllabus is to expose them to inspiring material, which puts what they are learning in context and shows them `th...

Does the exclusive use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom hinder the ability to teach physics?

1.0 Abstract The paper set out to determine if the exclusive use of an interactive whiteboard in a classroom acts as a hindrance to the teaching of physics. Through the use of quest...

intro to schrodringer equation

The Schrödinger equation In the framework of classical mechanics, a particle with definite momentum p and energy E can be associated with a plane wave  ψ=e^i(k.x-&#...

Gravitation waves detected!

Science fiction? Nope, real life! But i am sure you have heard the news already. I mean, it`s everywhere! Many high school students will attempt to study physics in the university aft...

The Physics Of The Universe

The physics of the Universe The story of the Universe, if considered chronologically from its birth to possible fate is an often confusing one which starts and ends with complex...

Photon properties.

PhotonsElectromagnetic radiation (like gamma rays, x-rays and visible light etc.) have wave properties and they can also behave as particles, these parti...

Scalars and Vectors

Every Quantity in the world of Physics can be classified as either a scalar or vector.When looking at a formula, think about this.For example, if you push a body of mass m on a fr...
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