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Method of revision

Although this is written for physics this can be applied to ANY subject.Having your students try to revise for a specific topic can be helped by this method:1 - Have the student creat...

Prove Kelper`s Third Law for Planetary Motion in case of a circular trajectory.

To answer this question we need to visualise a planetary motion in a circular orbit. Take a planet of mass `m` revolving around the sun of mass `M` in a circular orbit defined by the ...
Muhammad Haider

Graduate Personal Statement (Oxford University)

Physics is an inescapable consequence of mankind`s innate curiosity to fathom the universe, from its provenance to its destiny. It transcends the barriers of scale, time and dimension...

Energy Stores and Transfers

The current way of teaching energy is subtly different to what we used to have before the 2017 curriculum came to power. It took me some time to see how different situations in physic...

Between a Platonic Solid and a Democritus Hard Place.

The would-be rationale idealists fifty years on continue to seek validation from the empirical scientists. It is not enough that the String theorists play in Plato s shadow world fo...

The speed of electric current

There is a well-known statement that the speed of the electric current is equal to the speed of light and is 300 thousand kilometers per second. An electromagnetic wave travels in...

E=mc² - a note on units

In my last post, I talked about some of the problems A Level Physics students encounter in mass-energy (E=mc2) calculations. In passing, I mentioned use of unfamiliar units during ...

Mass Defect and Binding Energy

E = mc is the most famous equation of all time. It has become an icon of science, of knowledge and of learning, way beyond its origins in Einstein s work and its applications in...

Curriculum teaching on ‘the Universe’

The topic is ordered in a fashion which presents a narrative which echoes the historical development of our understanding of the universe. This makes good sense since students start...

The A-Level Physics Grade Boost Programme

Physics can be a hard subject for many students; even the most able can struggle with certain aspects of the course. It can be even harder identifying what needs to be done to imp...
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