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How and Why Did Mathematics Develop in Europe During the Renaissance, 1300- 1700?

"Renaissance in art, reformation in religion, Columbus discovered the new world, Copernicus demonstrated that the earth need not be considered the centre of the universe. Intellect...
Imogen Cambridge

Oedipus the King

Act four, scene six is a powerful and moving scene which unites the outcast Cordelia with her desperate and despairing father, King Lear. Upon entering the stage together, Cordelia as...
Imogen Cambridge

On tragedy

'A subject which is comprehended merely by the intelligence can also be expressed merely through the language of words; but the more it expands into an emotional concept, the more d...
Imogen Cambridge

Sample from essay 'A problem of 'reading'.

In 1857 readers were able to purchase a curious volume published under the title Omphalos. If any title harboured the promise of narrative intrigue, it was this which, Latin for Adam'...
Imogen Cambridge

How does Mary Wollstonecraft present 'masculine woman'?

With unswerving determination, a voice speaks out from the pages of the treatise A Vindication on the Rights of Woman to convey a new politic on women: it boldly offers the argument t...
Imogen Cambridge

Sample essay on the Impact of the Company's Act 2006 on Directors' Duties:

The Companies Act 2006 ('CA06': unless stated, statutory references are from the CA06) seeks to do what Romer J said was "impossible"; namely, describe directors' duties in terms whic...

What are the limitations upon an action for damages or a claim for equitable relief?

Remoteness of Damage A key limitation upon an action for damages is that damages can only be recovered for losses which are not too remote, with the test in contract being stricte...

To what extent does Nick Carraway evolve in "The Great Gatsby"?

Nick Carraway's moral evolution is thematically pertinent to the plot progression of "The Great Gatsby". His narration reflects his moral status; aiming to maintain a rescued fragment...

The shock of the graduates

I have had the best French teaching and education money can buy. I grew up in London and was sent to the French Lycee there and spent fifteen years in an all-French environment - not ...

Why Do We Study Calculus?

The question students ask most often is, "why do we study this?" (or its variant, "will this be on the exam?"). Indeed, it`s not always immediately obvious how some of the thing...
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