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Dissertation and Thesis Writing

Dissertation and Thesis Writing: Preparation is the keyHow to Write a Dissertation Thinking about writing your dissertation can be very stressful and very worrying for a student. W...

Innateness and Education

In many ways, education has become one of life s earliest dividing factors. From extremely young ages, children are placed into sets more concerned with immediate ability and not futu...

Answering ‘why’ questions in science: A common mistake and how to avoid it.

In my experience, teaching at university s as well as at other levels, one of the main ways many people lose marks when taking science exams is not answering the question which has ...

Teaching notes: Macbeth

IntroductionThe timesA tragedy written by William Shakespeare in 1606, when King James I was on the throne. Jacobean times.PoliticsShakespeare uses drama to make political comment, u...

What is Mathsematics

Mathematics is defined as the study of measurements, numbers, and space, one of the first sciences developed by humans because of its many benefits. The word "mathematics" refers to t...

Building Resilience Through Music: A Therapist`s Perspective

Resilience refers to how well an individual can cope when things go wrong. This might be a less than ideal mark on an exam, or something more traumatic like the death of a family memb...

Parents Guide To The Eleven Plus (11+)

How to prepare for the Eleven Plus (11+) Exam?For those parents looking to help their child gain a place at a selective Grammar School, the competition for those places can be fierc...

Discoverying Japanese Society - Four Cultural Quirks!

Japan is one of the most unique societies on earth with a number of distinctive cultural quirks. In some countries, an ignorance of cultural habits may not be seen as a big issue, yet...

Imperfect in French

L`IMPARFAIT/IMPERFECTWhen to use it: To talk about something that used to happen in the past.To describe the way something was in the past (the weather was fine last Tuesday).Phrases:...

How to conjugate French regular verbs in french, Present tense

HOW TO CONJUGATE REGULAR FRENCH VERBSTo simplify things, French has classified regular verbs into three types, based on the ending of their infinitives. Think of all the things you ca...
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