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Algebra 3

The expression xy means x times y. But what are we to make of the expression x(y+1)? This must mean x times (y+1) which, in turn, means x times y plus x times 1 - everything outsi...

Algebra 1

Algebra is about solving equations. Or to be more precise, we solve equations using algebra. One of the most simple ideas in algebra is the idea of collecting like terms, or simpl...
Md Mohibul

Survival of Bacillus spp. SUBB01 at high temperatures and a preliminary assessment of its ability to protect heat‑stressed Escherichia coli cells

Background: The bacterial stressed state upon temperature raise has widely been observed especially in Escherichia coli cells. The current study extended such physiological investigat...

So you want to do a degree in Physics?

So you want to do a degree in Physics?Don t rush the decision.Physics qualifications are highly valued in the job market, but that isn t a good reason to choose to study it. Ultimatel...

Algebra 7

Consider the linear equation 2x + 1 = 5 If we solve this equation we get x = 2. What happens if we plug x = 2 into the left hand side of the equation? We get 5. What happens if w...

The American Presidential Inaugural Speech as Genre

“The text must clearly declare itself as belonging to a known genre or type.” (J. A. BURROW)Discuss in relation to any domain of language. The titular quotation is tak...

Reader/author theory

[W]e are as separate from ourselves as other people (Adam Phillips).Discuss. The separation of the self, from the self and from others, is a preoccupation across Phillips w...


GRAPHIC NOVELS AS PASTICHEJameson sees pastiche as a practice that arises from the "disappearance of the individual subject" and the "unavailability of the personal style". Postmod...

Performativity, Power Plays and the Postcolonial Body

Performativity, Power Plays and the Postcolonial Body: applying Butler s consideration of materiality and identity to Kincaid, Cliff and Dangarembga s novels. You know, darling, ca...

Speaking Shakespeare: Complexities and Complicities in Controlling Community through Conversation

Speaking Shakespeare: Complexities and Complicities in Controlling Community through ConversationThe Oxford English Dictionary contains two over-arching results defining the noun ...
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