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Women in Crime

Sisters in crime IntroductionWomen have persistently played a central role in writing that deals with crime. Since the Victorian era, female authors have produced some of the most c...

Creating the creature

Creating the creature: on the anniversary of the writing of Frankenstein Picture the scene It is May 1816. An unmarried Mary Godwin, her lover Percy Shelley...

How to improve your essay writing skills (academic, IELTS, A-levels)

Writing an essay may not be the most pleasurable thing to do for most of us. Yet, there is a way to ensure it is not a torture. Before you delve into this article, I invite you to a...

Human Resources Strategic Planning

IntroductionThe success of a business is directly linked to the performance of those who work for that business. Underachievement can be a result of workplace failures. Because hir...

Stress Response and Learning

Stress Response and LearningThe Stress response affects all of us. Evolutionary throughout the millions of years we have been around it has in fact been essential to our survival. Now...

Learning to learn

Many people mistakenly believe that the ability to learn is a matter of intelligence. For them, learning is an immutable trait like eye color, simply luck of the genetic draw. People ...

How we learn

Everything developmental psychologists have learned in the past 30 years points in one direction __ children are far, far smarter than we would ever have thought. Their brains are mor...

5 Tips to Get Your Child Reading

It's challenging to get children to read at the best of times, but in today's world of constant interruption from smartphones, Netflix, and game consoles we have a lot to compete with...

Merged Memory - How ubiquitous information can affect memory formation

Abstract Distributed memory research suggests that memories are not all located in the head but are spread across heterogeneous resources including bodily, social, and computational...

how to do multiplications with decimals

It always seems difficult to solve long multiplication questions, especially if the decimal numbers are involved.Here is a simple way of finding the answer of long multiplications wit...
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