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The Kids Are Alright?

The Kids are Alright?How parents can help their kids to manage school-related stress - MisterA Spotting the signs Your child may show a reluctance to go to school, stomach aches, ...

Electricity: Direct current and circuits

Electricity: Direct current and circuitsElectricity is perhaps the most disliked and least well understood topic in A-level Physics. While it can be difficult, by learning the followi...

Making hard questions easy: general approach

4.3 General question approachWith that covered, we can now look at my generalized recommended question approach, with reasonings for each step. This approach applies to all questions ...

Confidence and the origin of the `bad at maths` lie

1.2 What s needed to ensure good grades?1) Knowledge of the material2) Practice in applying said knowledge to exam questions3) a) Problem solving knowledge and practiceb) Confiden...

1.1 Formulating the problem

1.1 Formulating the problemIn the western world, the early education system largely focuses on learning by rote, adhering to syllabuses and checking boxes. It really does not encourag...

Mr Turner Review

The unconventional painter Joseph Mallord William Turner begins his tale in London, 1828. Following his success as a child prodigy, he now situates between being dedicated to his ar...

A critical Essay of Funny Games

Michael Haneke positioned as a European auteur has said: "all my films are about violence" (Haneke, 2009 cited in Brunette, 2010: 2). Violence in the world is thought of as unpleas...

The Human Development Index (HDI) has been criticised for various reasons. What are the main criticisms of HDI? How would you improve HDI in light of these criticisms?

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a measure of poverty and quality of life around the world. It is based on these kinds of measures that we understand, analyse and evaluate pover...

Find your tribe!

It is a natural desire for the human heart to long for deep, true and transparent relationships. Yet, many just don't know how to sustain one. When our current friendships fail, a lot...

How to pass the eleven plus

PreparationTo be successful in the 11 plus you must prepare thoroughly. The first thing you need to do is set out a plan that is both realistic and tailored to your student. Depend...
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