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Practicing German prepositions

Practising German prepositions One of the trickiest things about German is the way in which different prepositions use different noun cases. A useful oversight, for printing out and...

The Sentence

The Period - Main Themes - Sonata AnalysisThe Period - Sonata AnalysisOVERVIEWThe main features of a period theme are:Weak middle cadenceReturning basic idea (instead of repeate...

Base 8

The importance of place value is emphasised by the number of times it appears throughout the key stages in the National Curriculum, starting in key stage 1 where children in years ...

Analysing Classical Sonatas - The Sentence

Analysing Classical Sonatas - The SentenceAnalysing Classical Sonatas - The SentenceOVERVIEWSchoenberg was the first theorists in forging the concept of sentence. The Sentence is a ty...

A vegetable oil-based organogel for use in pH-mediated drug delivery Search within citing articles

Organogels prepared with vegetable oils as the liquid organic phase present an excellent platform for the controlled delivery of hydrophobic guest molecules. We disclose a graft copol...

GCSE Math Tutoring Services for Students

Math tutoring is one of the most frequently requested services for children looking to succeed in school. There are now many different private teaching services around the country tha...

Hints for writing a literature response

Hints for writing a literature responseThe title is "What are impressions of Toby`s relationship with his father after reading `Powder` by Tobias Wolff?'lt;/p>- try to refer to the ke...

Why Russian is not as hard as you think

Why Russian is not as hard as you thinkSome people say that the Russian language can be hard to learn but this is not really true. The main difficulty for a lot of people is learning ...

Shape Your Habits, Because Your Habits Shape You

As the baker is taking out the bread from the oven, he observes something unusual. One of the loaves has a dent. At that very moment the baker knows that there is a problem. After he ...

Harmony review - Analysing Haydn Piano Sonatas

Harmony review - Analysing Haydn Piano Sonatas It is fundamental, for the sake of music analysis, to be very confident about our knowledge of harmony. This article reviews those harmo...
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