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How can elocution assist singers?

As an Elocution tutor, I have worked with people aged from five to ninety-five, from every corner of the globe and from all walks of life. People come to me to help them neutralise ...

Writing a social science or humanities essay

Essay writing plan for the social sciencesIntroduction1. Explain the question in 1 sentence2. Construct a hypothesis in the next sentence, or as an additional clause3. Provide the sco...

`There must be a reason to account for the existence of the universe.` Discuss

`There must be a reason to account for the existence of the universe.` Discuss It is natural that humans question how and why our universe exists as Aristotle himself remarked ...

Between a Platonic Solid and a Democritus Hard Place.

The would-be rationale idealists fifty years on continue to seek validation from the empirical scientists. It is not enough that the String theorists play in Plato s shadow world fo...

Communicating Mathematical Thinking?

Towards making Maths Understandable.Mathematicians as researchers need to better attend to communicating not just their definitions, theorems, and proofs, but also their ways of think...

Why maths is hard

As a keen historian of Mathematics and Physics I can provide the crucial perspective of the evolution of ideas. It is important to remember why Maths and Physics is hard! We are afte...

Tackling GCSE English Literature Revision Volume #1

I have had the pleasure of doing classes on Inspector Calls as a teacher in a class and as a private tutor in a one on one setting. I have seen how some teachers will approach the p...

Introduction to Cable-Suspended Robots

Cable-suspended robots are special parallel manipulators in which the end-effectors are supported by n cables with n tensioning motors. Since their primary structure consists of lig...

UKCAT Top Tips

Where to start with UKCAT revision? With 5 different sections and 1000s of questions, effective planning is necessary to navigate through to your exam successfully.How to begin your U...

A composite hydrogel for brain tissue phantoms

Highlights Design and development of a composite hydrogel to mimic brain tissue Testing, material characterisation and comparison with brain tissue Manufacturing and testing of ...
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