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How Low Can You Orbit Without Falling Back To Earth?

You are most likely aware that we have artificial satellites, primarily the ones that help broadcast TV and radio signals, that orbit our planet high up in space. These satellites, af...

The “Proportionality test” in the World Trade Organisation case law

The term "necessity" is crucial for Art 2.2. of the TBT Agreement and it appears to be very similar to the necessity test used in Article XX of GATT. To some extent, Art. 2.2 loo...

Going beyond the syllabus

A good way to engage students with the material they encounter on the syllabus is to expose them to inspiring material, which puts what they are learning in context and shows them `th...

About Polish - introduction to the language

Polish is a West Slavic language related to Czech, Slovak, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian. It is used by over 55 milion people, where 38 million live in Poland. Large groups of Po...

The Personal Statement Advice No One Gives

Despite the new academic year only just kicking off, hundreds of thousands of students will already have their eye on the next.  For Year 13s across the country it’s both...

Smashing Research Methods

"Oh no sir please not research methods"That phrase is one I hear on a regular basis from my A level Psychologists who at the slightest mention of a lesson involving resea...

Discuss the following assessment of Hamlet’s character: "He was likely, had he been put on, to have been most royal" (Fortinbras).

This quotation comes at the very end of Hamlet as Fortinbras gives his own assessment of Hamlet s character in his eyes, the Danish Prince would have been a noble, apt king for Den...

English in today`s schools

English in today`s schoolsIn many respects, today`s children are the most "educated" in the history of the world. Most will spend more than fifteen years in education and most will e...

The Fair Work Framework - Guidance for Business

With its publication of Scotland s Labour Market Strate...

Scotland`s Labour Market Strategy

Scotland s Labour Market Strategy was published in August 2016 by the Scottish Government. Its aim is a vibrant, fair and inclusive labour market. The strategy argues that count...
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