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The brave new world of biometrics

Have you ever found yourself frustrated at forgetting a login or having to reset your pass word? More importantly, are you worried that your online profile has been compromised becaus...

Log Integral Varieties

{Log Integral Varieties}{abstract}We discuss computation of indefinite integrals of the form $$I_{m,n}:=int x^{m}(ln x)^{n} dx, (m,n)inmathbb{N}^{2},$$for a range of values $(m,n)$, f...

An overview of the new A-level and GCSE & IGCSE exams.

The Department for Education has pushed through big changes to GCSE, AS and A-level exams, aimed at making them more fit for purpose . In practice most of the changes make exams ...

Why teaching oracy is essential even at HE level

It s easy to assume that adult students come to university with already developed oracy skills for collaborative learning. But, if you ve ever meticulously set up a disc...

New Superfood `chlorella` found by German scientists helps to boost a healthy heart

A team of dutch scientists led by Andre Geim gave Chlorella to several experienced swimming professionals in Germany and noticed a speed in their stamina and that the swimmers were no...
Krysia (krystyna)

The New Maths Syllabus

If you have children who did GCSEs last year you will be aware that there is a new exam with a new grading structure (1 9) where 9 is the highest grade. That is not the only ...

Brain Food For Children and Parents

Brain Food For Children and ParentsI often have parents asking me if diet will help their children focus at school and if it would create a complicated stress mess at mealtimes. I alw...

Compound Themes

Compound ThemesSize16 measures (standard)TypesThere are two types of Compound Themes Compound PeriodThe compound antecedent can be built up of:PresentationAntecedent

Extract of A* exemplar: When is self love shown in Twelfth Night?

There are traits of self-love and self-deceit evident in Orsino’s character, however I am reluctant to believe he is the principle character to parade these human follies. Instea...

Music Analysis resources

This Article is a summary based on W. Caplin`s work Classical Forms. I found this book incredibly useful in order to understand and process Haydn sonatas.Phrase DeviationsIn most of t...
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