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The Send Off Analysis

Written at training camp in Ripon, Wilfred Owen wrote The Send-off primarily as an expression of the rough journey taken both physically and mentally by the soldiers, the vill...

Mental Cases Analysis

English war poet Wilfred Owen first drafted Mental Cases in Ripon in May 1918 based on the horrors he witnessed in Craiglockheart. It is a sardonic message disillusioning the grim...

Anthem For Doomed Youth Analysis

Written in September 1917, Anthem for Doomed Youth is primarily the expression of the meaningless slaughter of the war. The anti-war poem begins by highlighting the violence of th...

Fantasy Worlds in "Romeo and Juliet"

Susan Snyder explains that tragedies are based upon the fated quality of what has already happened and cannot be changed or evaded (1979: 11). In some ways, the Prologue of Ro...
Muhammad Irfan

High Voltage Direct Current Transmission

A high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) electric power transmission system (also called a power super highway or an electrical super highway) uses direct current for the bulk transmissi...

The Matter of Light, the Matter of Fact, The Matter of Perception from Baroque to the Present

The Matter of Light, the Matter of Fact, The Matter of Perception from Baroque to the Present Golden rays of celestial light descending onto a saint and an angel who is hol...

Myself and online teaching

I have dual Master`s in Hindi & English, along with Bachelor`s degree in Education with teaching subjects Hindi, English & Sanskrit . I`m a native Hindi speaker and can help stu...

Why You Should Stop Blaming Your Boss

We re all guilty we can t help but have a little whine and a moan about the head honcho of the office every now and again (or more regularly than that if we re being honest).It feel...

5 Skills to Better Manage Conflict

Whether you re a solicitor or President of your local Spanish Club, you re bound to run into a conflict of interests, the clash of opinion, or perhaps even a full-blown war with someo...

Top 3 Apps for Learning French

The amount of resources available for learning French can be overwhelming. Here are a few of my favourites for learning French (and other languages):1. Duolingo (Android/OS/Web) FreeD...
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