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Water: How the cycle of the rivers can be restored to a pre-industrial era

Example of a Plan to upgrade the waters quality in the cycle of the rivers.Summary:1. Identify the main waterway in the region of study.2. Identify the main affluent`s of the main wat...

Is it the Voltage or the Current Which Kills?

Is it the current or the voltage that kills from a deadly electric shock?It s a long disputed question which many people don t understand fully. Some think it s the voltage, wh...

Why do objects of different masses fall at the same rate?

Have you ever Wandered why objects of different masses fall at the same rate? Me too! It turns out it s a really interesting phenomenon. A video taken by NASA astronauts on the moon...

The science behind economics

Not many people would claim to know much about Economics& perhaps they see it as a difficult and esoteric subject with little relevance of theory to their everyday lives. It has been ...

are we finally close to solving the mystery of PCOS?

In our dominantly female-populated world, it would be expected that highly common gynaecological diseases would be well-defined. However, it may come as a surprise Polycystic Ovarian ...

A Parent/ Carer`s Guide to Year 6 SATs

When?All being well, the 2021 Year 6 SATs should take place the week beginning 10th May.Where?They are taken in a formal setting, at your child`s schoolWhy?

What is Pi?

If you look on your calculator, you can see Pi as looking like a little table shape, and will always give the same constant number. In education you may know it as 3.14, or 3.14159.....

The Fibonacci Sequence and why it`s important

The sequence was named after Leonardo Fibonacci when he published it, but it was known in India around 200BC. It is very important in that it combines the two elements of nature and ...

Has the EU undermined UK democracy? (Politics A level)

The EU undermined democracy in the UK . Analyse and evaluate this statement. (25 marks)Introduction1. The question of whether the EU has undermined UK democracy was central to ...

Caenorhabditis elegans as an animal model for behavioural neuroscience

Caenorhabditis elegans as an animal model for behavioural neuroscienceCaenorhabditis elegans is a nematode found in nature in soil and rotten fruit, approximately 1mm in length. Altho...