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What is a Systematic Literature Review?

What is a Systematic Literature Review?A systematic review is a type of literature review that collects and critically analyses multiple research studies. If procedures in relation ...

5 Tips on How to Apply to Medical School

Medical School applications can be daunting. It is competitive, there are examinations such as UKCAT and BMAT, and there is the interviews. However, I offer these tips to prospective ...

An Exploration of Deviant Veils in Shakespeare

An Exploration of Deviant Veils in Shakespeare s Plays What extra information might an audience glean about a character s fate from understanding their veil s significance? Phili...

Thinking of applying to Oxford or Cambridge?

Thinking of applying to Oxford or Cambridge? Here s what you need to know.Oxford and Cambridge. Two renowned institutions synonymous globally with top-class university education. A...

Breaking down law cases into accessible chunks

Breaking down cases into accessible chunks. One of the most daunting tasks facing students in law faculties is the ability to break down cases into accessible chunks. Every law case i...

Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Profession

For the past two years, leading law firms have launched new research and development departments, aimed at developing their legal technology and investing in new opportunities to i...

Long-Term Development

The first step to Success is to make a Decision. So, have you decided to be Stronger, Healthier, Happier? Change your life for the better. Set your goals, excel yourself. Make yoursel...

Pure Imagination

How are we going to get our children to read books again? In a television interview, Terry Wogan posed this question directly to the great children s author Roald Dahl as far back ...

How to study for IELTS with confidence

How to study for IELTS with confidenceSo, you have decided to take the IELTS exam or perhaps you need to take it, and achieve good grades, to follow your career path. This was the ...

Maths and Chaos Theory

Incredible mathematics is all around us in everyday things: it's even there, submerged in seemingly simple water droplets falling from a dripping tap. We can use iterative algebraic f...
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