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what makes a good teacher

In my view , a good teacher is one who should have a full subject knowledge of what he is teaching in addition to following three qualities . He should ยท set high expectat...

Maths compulsory to 18?

In January 2023, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced plans to make the study of maths compulsory to age 18. In the UK, maths is already compulsory up to the age of 16. Another two...

Exam Year

How do we get the results we think we deserve?With mocks fast approaching, and exams around the corner, it can feel like time is running out. Breathe.The start of the exam year is a g...

Nine Zulu Queens Ruled China

"Nine Zulu Queens Ruled China" is a mnemonic for the groups of numbers, starting with the smallest, the natural numbers (represented by a hollow `N`).`N` stands for `Natural...

Quicker root 2 irrationality proof.

Firstly, a rational number is any number expressible as the quotient of 2 integers, hence the group of rational numbers is labelled by the letter `Q`. E.g., 5 = 10/2, among many more ...

Exploring the Overlapping Realms: Similarities Between Minecraft and Programming

Minecraft and programming may seem like two entirely different worlds, but beneath the surface, they share surprising similarities that make them more interconnected than one might th...

The Magical World of Programming: Unlocking the Secrets of Technology

Imagine being able to create your own magical worlds, where anything you dream of becomes real with just a few words and commands. Welcome to the enchanting world of programming! In t...

Why study computer science?

In a world where technological advancements shape the fabric of society, computer science emerges as a creative odyssey that beckons the curious and the innovative. Far beyond mere pr...

Why is the derivative of sinx = cosx?

The derivative of any function f(x) can be found from first principles as the difference between two values of f(x) infinitely close to each other divided by the infinitesimal differe...