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Comprehension Skills Reading constantly and consistently is the best method of understanding the comprehension passage. The key part to understanding comprehension is through highligh...

Find the area (in terms of Ac) of a square inscribed within a circle of Area `Ac`

VISUALISE: We must begin by visualizing a Square inscribed inside a Circle. Note that owing to the symmetry of the problem the Diagonals of the Square also act as the Diameter of the ...

Decompose ((8x + 1)/((x+2)*(x-1))) into Partial Fractions

So here we have a question concerning partial fractions. This is a common and slightly tricky question in which we have to decompose a complex fraction into partial fractions. CONCEPT...

Prove Kelper`s Third Law for Planetary Motion in case of a circular trajectory.

To answer this question we need to visualise a planetary motion in a circular orbit. Take a planet of mass `m` revolving around the sun of mass `M` in a circular orbit defined by the ...

Globalization has weakened the ability of central banks to control the dynamics of inflation

This essay will look at the role increasing globalisation has had on a central banks ability to control the dynamics of inflation. The main literature on this topic is by Woodford (...

Key Things Every 11+ Student Should Know

1. Remember to never leave anything blank - if you`re confused? Just guess! If it`s a multiple choice you have a good chance at getting it right (better than just leaving it blank) 2....

Why Speak Russian language?

Russian belongs to the most widespread languages of the world. It takes the fifth place in the world (after Chinese, Hindi together with close to it Urdu, English and Spanish lang...

Five lifestyle changes to enhance your mood & help you study bette

1- Improve your diet and start being more active Learn which foods are good for your brain. Wholefoods like green vegetables are vital to ensure that your brain is working at its ...

Excel Introduction

ExcelExcel is a software programme designed to take data and conduct analysis to extract useful information in tabular or graphic from. The information can then be used for a varie...

4 tips to get high score in Maths

Study maths like a RITUAL every day. Spend at least an hour preferably in a relaxing atmosphere away from disturbances. Try to keep the same time either in the evening or morningTry t...
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