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Effectivity and difficulties of assessment for learning techniques in science: Literature and Practice

The majority of teaching through history has been students passively listen to the teacher and take notes. The new pedagogic practice challenges this approach as it undermines the r...
Lucy Pauline

Intelligence life on other planents

Intelligent Life on Other PlanetsWe all wonder whether there is life on other planets in the universe and if there are aliens on earth. We live in a galaxy consisting of nine planets....

Workshops as a way to improve and enhance student learning and engagement

The Education system is continuously changing and adapting to the world changes that are affecting the diversity of the student population and the academic needs. This year the Scho...
Maria Sanziana

Memorising patterns for A Levels and other exams

Ever wondered how some of your peers constantly brag about getting all the As while you barely struggle on crossing that border between an `oh-I-got-an-almost-B` to B?If that`s your c...

Student Attitudes about Learning

In the process of preparing an article for the newsletter, I came across this observation: "Students who have the impression that nothing they do will alter the results of the learnin...

Key Critical Thinking Skills

? Reflecting on what you're told. Take time out to consider your reaction to information. Do you agree with it, are you surprised or excited by it, or do you think it links to other i...

Haven`t Got The Grades? Study Abroad!

The day has arrived, you are holding the envelope in your hands, you want to open it but you are too nervous...Deep breathe in, and you finally open it, you scheme through the grades ...

Reasons why NOT to do a PhD

Reasons NOT to do a PhD by Octavian, University of Oxford Some of you, after obtaining a taught BSc or a MSc Degree, might be thinking about studying for a resear...


The Swahili language or Kiswahili is a Bantu language and the mother tongue of the Swahili people. It is spoken by various communities inhabiting the African Great Lakes region and ot...

What Can Tutoring do for the Student?

What Can Tutoring do for the Student? When I began tutoring I wasn't sure how much help I would be to struggling students. I knew I had a good education and well developed practical ...
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