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The origins of white etching cracks and their significance to rolling bearing failures

Highlights A specific stress sequence causes both WECs and unpredictable failures concurrently. WECs are a symptom of this stress history and not a direct cause of failure. ...

Preparing for the Eleven Plus

How early should I start?There is no clear-cut answer for this question it depends entirely on your child. If he or she is a high-flier at a good school then you should ensure ...

Being organised: tips for sixth-formers.

I was never a naturally organised student. As a boy, I would frequently return home without my PE Kit, my pencil case, my jumper. My notes were a mess and it was only the herd-like ...

Document text and images

Document TextThe HTML text on a page was once the center of keyword optimization activities. Metrics such as keyword density and keyword saturation were used to measure the perfect le...

The importance of planning your IELTS Task 2 essay

The importance of planning Planning an essay is the best way to achieve a band 7 score on the Task 2 IELTS writing task. The essay takes 40 minutes to complete but you should tak...

What causes osmosis?

Osmosis is described in textbooks as a special case of diffusion, where water molecules move from a high to a lower water potential, across a semi-permeable membrane i.e. they move fr...

Tabloid v Broadsheet Newspapers

Tabloid v Broadsheet NewspapersLanguage: Key WordsSensational languageShocking languageCrude language swearing, insultingHumour making jokesPuns playing with wordsSynonyms...

Favourite Elements

Which criteria do you choose selecting your favourite element? Would your decision be based on the aesthetic sound of the name or its etymological roots? The periodic table is not s...

Effective study techniques

Effective study techniquesIf we ask students how they study at home for an exam we will see that the most popular answers involve `read notes` and `highlight key-points`. Actually th...

Flashes – Bangs – and Stinks!

When are we going to blow something up? A staple question, once-upon-a-time. For the uninitiated, that s seems to be what chemistry is all about setting fire to things and hoping th...
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