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For KS3 and KS4 Parents

Here are the facts:The statements given below do not necessarily relate to each other. Rather, they set the scene for the current climate.During Key Stage 4 (run up to GCSE), on ave...

The Worked Example Effect

The worked example effect is a particularly useful teaching and learning strategy when students engage with a new, higher level of study in a subject. Students are presented with work...

Between Kingship and Servitude: Faisal I of Iraq`s relationship with the British colonial power from 1921-1930

"The history of the modern Near East has often been written as though the states were driftwood in the sea of international affairs, their destinies shaped by the decisions of others ...

Write Programmes in logical way

A language is a tool in the hands of a skilled creator. Some might say that you need to be good at mathematical skills to learn to code. Only knowing how to write the code won t ma...

What is a quantum compass

What is a quantum compass? Marios, PhD Sassy Quantum Scientist | Data Scientist | Quantitative modeling | Avid Science Communicator ...

A Level Physics: Errors and uncertainties Part 2.

Part 2: Compound Uncertainties. Where a result is calculated using a formula, every measurement used in the calculation contributes to the uncertainty of the result. This is what we m...

Finding the LCM & HCF

Finding the Lowest Common Multiple for a range of denominators is not easy. However, in this step by step guide , we provide the way in which this can be donoe. Please do go through t...

Shakespeare was not a genius

Shakespeare was not a genius. He was, without the distant shadow of a doubt, the most wonderful writer who ever breathed. But not a genius. No angels handed him his lines, no fairies ...

How to Structure an answer to a simple Scenario or Problem question

This is a very simple example designed to demonstrate how to structure an answer to any problem or scenario type question. The example is taken from criminal law but the same approach...

Simple tips on how to improve singing instantly

Please give attention to lower jaw when you sing, to the way you open it, remember, try to put two fingers on both sides between jaws, it does release all the tension of muscles in t...
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