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5 Tips on How to Apply to Medical School

Medical School applications can be daunting. It is competitive, there are examinations such as UKCAT and BMAT, and there is the interviews. However, I offer these tips to prospective ...

The Mechanisms of Type 2 Diabetes risk in Emigrated South Asians

AbstractThis review aims to find the mechanism of increased type 2 diabetes mellitus risk in South Asians who have emigrated to the West. The particular risks that are reviewed in thi...

Late Night Blues

Late Night Blues could your phone be keeping you up? We ve all done it. Its midnight, and you have to wake up early in the morning. You re just drifting off to ...

Natural ways to increase testosterone levels

As men get older their testosterone (T) level drop slightly every year from middle adulthood and continues through to old age. This can cause issues such as low libido and sexual d...

Are endothelial cells a good target for cancer treatment?

Introduction In order to tackle the question at hand we must first understand what cancer is. Cancer is a disease, caused by the malfunctioning of our own tissues (contrary to th...

Local anaesthetics

Anaesthetic agents are administered to the patient in most present day operations in order to minimize pain and distress. There are two main classes of anaesthetic age...

Top 5 GAMSAT Prep Resources

The Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is a dreaded hurdle of many graduates seeking to get into medical school in the U.K., Australia, Ireland and Poland. I ...

Cadmium toxicity towards testicular cell lines

Cadmium exposure is a risk factor for male infertility. I examined the effects of cadmium chloride on the viability, proliferation, morphology and migration of mouse reproductive c...

Clobazam and its use in epilepsy

The use of clobazam as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of epilepsy Clobazam (CLB) is a 1,5-benzodiazepine that has been introduc...

The UKCAT Abstract Reasoning - Tips!

I just can`t seem to spot the pattern! Is this how you feel whilst practising Abstract Reasoning questions? You are gaining confidence and getting quicker in the Verbal Reasoning, Q...
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