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Psychology Essay - Bachelor of Arts

It was a brisk, chilly day that was exacerbated by the openness of the Native Grasslands, a vast field with a few trees, and a solitary hill, which I intended to use to observe the ...

Why do I lie

Prior to this article, I read something which interested me about how the truth does not have versions, rather it has many sides to it. Which may be confusing to understand, but th...

Social Learning Theory Explanation

Social Learning Theory Explanation of Criminal Behaviour Who and What Year? Bandura (1977)Describe the theory in one sentence SLT explains the acquisition of behaviour through the...

What are 3 things I can do to improve my memory?

Memory can be a tricky thing. We have all had the experience of wanting to remember something and it just not coming. Sometimes in exams. This is not good so here are 3 simple things ...

Beyond The Information Given. Part 1.

The title of my article comes from a book written by the Psychologist, Jerome Bruner in 1974. At the time I was a student training to be a teacher at Southampton University. To say t...

What does recent Social Cognitive Neuroscience research contribute to our understandng of steereotyping?

Stereotypes can be considered as cognitive structures containing categorical knowledge of social groups (Fiske, 1998). Conventionally, social psychologists seize to understand the ...

Outline and Evaluate two different types of forgetting

The interference theory has been proposed mainly as an explanation for forgetting that happens in the long term memory (LTM), when information reaches our LTM it becomes permanent. Wh...

Smashing Research Methods

"Oh no sir please not research methods"That phrase is one I hear on a regular basis from my A level Psychologists who at the slightest mention of a lesson involving resea...

Employee Motivation

An important part of Cognitive behavior management is to understand the employee in their social and cultural contexts. The aim of understanding employee responses to particular sit...

Teaching Methods and Background Information including Teaching Plan - Psychology Lesson

Background Information and Teaching PlanAs an individual, I am accommodating, versatile and am very capable of capturing and developing individuals so they can breed success. I am a...
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