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Sidq Aftab

Why is your child so aggressive ?

You have noticed your child is excessively angry. They throw tantrums or get aggressive physically and verbally. Their big blowing up reaction on small events arises a billion questio...

Top Tips for Getting Along with Family

1. Balance work and home life - Having a balance between work and home boosts self-esteem as you`re not always worrying about neglecting your responsibilities in any area, making y...

Are your children suffering from exam stress?

Here are a few Bach Flower Remedies which can help with various issues your child may have with the forthcoming season of exams:Difficulty concentrating and retaining the information ...

There`s ONE skill a child needs to learn, TWO that you must nurture in them!

I am often asked what key areas I focus on when helping children learn. I get asked questions like, "Do you read with them regularly and make them answer comprehension questions? Do y...

Home Schooling - Teaching individuals

Do you have children? Do you have more than one child? Are they the same? If you are reading this the chances are you said, yes, yes, no. Sir Ken Robinson, in an excellent talk th...
Fatma Zohra

Children's development through play

All areas of children development are enhancing through their play activities. They develop socially emotionally cognitively and physically, as they play children come to understand m...
Mary Beth

Parents and Children Crossing Cultures

Children are amazing. While you are still unpacking, they seem to be learning the new language and culture through the air. One of the best things about moving to a new country is...
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