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Hydro-logical Cycle

Hydrology - Evaporation: The physical process in which a liquid changes to a vapour. Transpiration: The process by which plants lose water vapour through the stomata (pores)...

Why you need Two of Everything

By the time we`ve got up to A Level, and hopefully earlier, we all know that the primary colours are red, yellow and blue. They can`t be created by mixing other colours. They CAN be ...

Don`t be Afraid to Mess Up!

Leonardo da Vinci, as well as painting the Mona Lisa and generally changing the course of the entire history of art, was a great advocate of using chance marks and patterns as a sourc...

My Psychology teaching philosophy

Teaching Philosophy Statement As a lecturer of an Access course, the majority of my students are adults returning to education after many years working or raising a family. Furthermo...

The impact of the ammended Australian Mineral Resource Rent Tax on the mining industry

This dissertation includes a complete overview of the iron ore, steel and coking coal industries. It addresses the inelasticity of commodity supply/demand factors, the evolution of co...
Randelle Tanios

To establish truth Plato both rejects and relies on mimesis. Discuss

Socrates, a philosopher in ancient Greece argued that Sophists were 'superficial thinkers who adopted and reflected the prejudices of society.' He also openly protested that 'demo...


Love? Love? For truly love leaves too much to be desired, any object of warm affection or devotion, having a great affection or liking for its all the same nonetheless. A useless emo...

How I organise my belongings

There are many ways I categorise my belongings. For one I am a boy highly and I mean very highly into his music. I have over two and a half thousand tracks on my computer alone along ...


Morden * A man in his mid 60s sits alone on a bench in Morden Hall Park and feeds pieces of bread to travelling pigeons. The man dressed in a shabby brown suit jacket and trousers,...

The keys to success

The product of life is the multiplication of determination and perseverance. Once the mind unlocks the keys to success then the impossibilities in life seem miniature. The first key t...
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