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Complete Piano Learning Cycle

Complete Piano Learning CycleIt is not unusual to see how piano teachers misjudge the way they should approach tutoring piano beginners. There are three possible different results a t...

Is it good or bad to practise on a digital piano?

Many things have been said about practising on a digital piano. Old school piano teachers state that piano students should never practise in digital pianos because it can ruin their s...

Compound Themes

Compound ThemesSize16 measures (standard)TypesThere are two types of Compound Themes Compound PeriodThe compound antecedent can be built up of:PresentationAntecedentCompound Basic Id...

Harmony review - Analysing Haydn Piano Sonatas

Harmony review - Analysing Haydn Piano Sonatas It is fundamental, for the sake of music analysis, to be very confident about our knowledge of harmony. This article reviews those harmo...

Piano Technicalities 2

Definition and structureThe forearm movement is made of two very distinct stages -its positive and its negative movements-. The negative movement becomes its most important compound a...

Different ways people think when learning piano

Different ways people think when learning pianoThis week I have learnt a lot from one of my students I learnt that someone can be seriously interested in learning and still find it di...

Transition: Sonata forms

From all piano sonata sections, the transition is by far the least defined of them. Some musicians say the transitions are the truly creative functions of the sonata form some others ...

Piano Performance: Music Inertia VS Phrase Control

When we play a piece we have studied thoroughly, we used 5 different memories:The memory of the name of the notesThe memory of how the piece soundsThe memory of how the piece looks on...

10 Good Reasons to Learn Playing Piano

1. Improves CoordinationPlaying an instrument, e.g piano requires the brain to work at advanced speeds. Reading music is converted in the brain to the physical motion of playing the i...

The Alexander Technique Applied To The Piano

In this article I will give you some general notes about the Alexander Technique, which I would be delighted to transmit more fully during our piano lessons.During my career as a pian...
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