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The Inequality of Mixed Ability Classes in Secondary Schools.

Having experience of teaching English to many mixed ability classes in the secondary school environment, I have reached the emphatic conclusion that the whole concept is fundamenta...

Why do people commit crimes?

Why Do People Commit Crimes? People commit crimes for a variety of different reasons. Maybe they would like some material gain which they could otherwise not affo...

The Cookery Book Approach: Understanding versus Memorisation

One ongoing challenge for any educator is the inevitable trade-off between wanting the student to understand the concepts being taught, and the need to prepare for a particular examin...

'Compare formation of the initiation complex for protein synthesis in bacterial and animal cells.

In the cells, strands of messenger RNA (mRNA) are translated to form a chain of amino acids, which can then fold to form a 3D protein. Translation can be divided into 3 critical stage...

Assessment practice. prt 3.

What Is The Aim Of Assessment? Regardless of the intended and actual uses of assessment data, the main focus of assessment has to be on developing pupils in both their knowledge an...

Assessment practice. prt 2.

Formative Assessment The value of formative `discourse` can be found in the dialogue between learners, and teachers. This dialogue is not always verbal: it can be the use of `traff...

Assessment practice. prt 1.

Carry out a review of recent literature in good assessment practice. Use the understanding you gain from this to suggest: How assessment procedures in your A placement school coul...

Learn the language, but not just for the exam

I have always believed learning a language is not merely about studying it in school, but you should make contact with that country`s lifestyle by reading internet articles, watching ...

The Advantages of Online Tuition

The world evolves. Technology plays a significant part in our lives, whether we like it or not. We use the Internet to keep ourselves up-to-date with world events and keep in conta...

Land in Shakespeare

Richard: Ay, no. No, ay; for I must nothing be. Therefore, no `no`, for I resign to thee. Now mark me how I will undo myself. (Richard II 4.1.201-203) This passage from Shake...
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