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The All-Purpose Saint: The Evolution of the Cult of St George in England

At once it is acknowledged that `evolution` may imply a purposive continuity which is far from the way in which the tradition of St George has been continually re-shaped for different...

An Introduction to Public Law

The United Kingdom is one of those rare democracies that have enjoyed almost one thousand years of unbroken and continuous constitutional development. Only Oliver Cromwell's Protector...

Touch typing v finger typing

More and more people these days use the hunt and peck typing to compose emails, texts and do their work using laptops, especially young students. I have always asked my teenage daugh...

Ecology Banks and Education

Ecology Banks and Education This editorial follows on from the one in an earlier edition of the JBE, written by my good friend and colleague, Jean Wilson: it picks up and extends s...

Racism-The Notion of Blood

Suman Gupta writes in "Re-Reading Harry Potter", that the notion of blood is central to the theme of racism. As Voldemort is seen drinking Unicorn blood in order to gain existence ...

Exam Technique

You know, they wouldn`t need to put rubbers on the end of pencils if noone made any mistakes. Maybe even pencils would not exist since you could perhaps write in a permanent ink if it...

The Expanding Presidency and [EXTRACT]

The Expanding Presidency and Judicial Selection: a Closer Look at the 'peaceful' Supreme Court nominations, 1895-1967 James Heath London Metropolitan University Much of the exi...


You may have many things to say about the what the expansion of the European Union, and its implications for the British economy. Whether good, bad or indifferent, the truth is, i...


Trident to battle it out with Wrigley's Cadbury Schweppes' £10 million launch of Trident gum in February this year has called into question Wrigley's domination of the chewing gu...

Algebra - From the top

Hey people, this is a little taster of how I explain and tutor people. I start from the very basic concepts and work on understanding of the subject, rather than just passing a test. ...
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