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How I organise my belongings

There are many ways I categorise my belongings. For one I am a boy highly and I mean very highly into his music. I have over two and a half thousand tracks on my computer alone along ...


Morden * A man in his mid 60s sits alone on a bench in Morden Hall Park and feeds pieces of bread to travelling pigeons. The man dressed in a shabby brown suit jacket and trousers,...

The keys to success

The product of life is the multiplication of determination and perseverance. Once the mind unlocks the keys to success then the impossibilities in life seem miniature. The first key t...

Does it matter whether national identities have deep or shallow cultural roots?

Essay Question: Does it matter whether national identities have deep or shallow cultural roots? 'Perhaps you think 'this silly German is getting excited'. But on my word of honour ...

Abraham Lincoln`s contribution to Union victory in the Civil War

We are used to seeing Abraham Lincoln in marble now. His angular form sits comfortably inside a temple which recalls the buildings dedicated to the mightiest deities of Ancient Greec...


LITERATURE, PRE-1914: "TICHBORNE'S ELEGY" An agonising poem in which a man contemplates his imminent death. The entire poem focuses on his desperate wish to live; his appetite for...

How do I make my personal statement `personal`?

The process of applying to university can seem daunting and horribly complicated, strewn with acronyms, and advice coming at you from all directions. It is also a wonderful time when ...

To what extent do children acquire language by imitating adults?

How far do children acquire their language skills by imitating adults? A vast majority of theorists believe that children acquire their first language at an astonishing speed howev...

TV vs Books - updated and edited

TV can teach us more than books Some people argue that the most effective way of learning a new idea or topic is through reading books for it has many merits, such as delivering cl...

Migration - updated and edited

Shifting Tides: Migration in the Era of Globalization, Global Conflict, and Environmental Collapse - by S. Rowan Wolf, Sociology Professor, Portland Community College. We stand a...
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