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How do I make my personal statement `personal`?

The process of applying to university can seem daunting and horribly complicated, strewn with acronyms, and advice coming at you from all directions. It is also a wonderful time when ...

To what extent do children acquire language by imitating adults?

How far do children acquire their language skills by imitating adults? A vast majority of theorists believe that children acquire their first language at an astonishing speed howev...

TV vs Books - updated and edited

TV can teach us more than books Some people argue that the most effective way of learning a new idea or topic is through reading books for it has many merits, such as delivering cl...

Migration - updated and edited

Shifting Tides: Migration in the Era of Globalization, Global Conflict, and Environmental Collapse - by S. Rowan Wolf, Sociology Professor, Portland Community College. We stand a...

X-ray imaging to the nanoscale

Abstract The spatial resolutions of traditional computed tomography instruments and micro-tomography techniques are limited to a cubic millimetre and 100 nm respectively, contributin...

Euler`s identity, the code of the universe.

There was a poll voted by mathmaticians, that asked for their favourite equation ever. This may seem like a silly question for such a practical subject as maths, but the result spoke ...

Introduction to the science of Islamic logic

Etymology The word Al-Mantiq (Logic) is derived from na-ta-qa which means to speak. For example "a naataqa huwa" i.e. "has he spoken?". Definition Logic is that science which...

Brush up on it - will make your work smell better !!!

Basic Skills are essential for any area you want to learn, sit for exams or master it totally. Without these Key Skills it becomes difficult to learn and make links in learning. Fo...


French was always my first love. I have studied it since I was only seven or eight myself, and being unable to give it up, I am now studying it alongside Russian at Cambridge Universi...

Am I Dyspraxic?

Dyspraxia Developmental dyspraxia is a motor learning difficulty caused by inaccurate transmissions from the brain to the body, it tends to affect movement and coordination. Loo...
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