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In Praise of Memorisation: 10 Proven Brain Benefits

Memory learning catches a lot of flack these days. Informed educators are often quick to write off rote memorization as an unnecessary and even harmful exercise, instead preferring to...

Setting Targets for the New Year

Setting yourself goals for the term and year ahead can really help boost your grade potential, and more importantly help you to learn new skills and improve existing ones. How can we ...

What tutoring is and what is not?

What Tutoring is and What Tutoring is not.Chapman University.Defining and choosing a good, effective tutor. February 9, 2016Tutoring is probably one of the oldest teaching methods. In...

What are 3 things I can do to improve my memory?

Memory can be a tricky thing. We have all had the experience of wanting to remember something and it just not coming. Sometimes in exams. This is not good so here are 3 simple things ...

What Makes A Good Teacher?

What Makes A Good Teacher?Thorough subject knowledge. Enthusiasm for subject. Ability to communicate ideas clearly. Empathy with students. Ability ...

Exam Technique

Whether you like it or not, exams are going to be a big part of your youth. It is very important to know how to tackle them well and to do the best you can do. Therefore, I wanted to ...

Making up our mind maps

1. Introduction Our brain has incredible potential. It is a fact that we exploit it in limited ways and it is our own choice rather than the natural ability that limits our use of b...

The Power Of Tutoring

Private tutoring is a fast-growing, worldwide phenomenon. This seems to be down to a number of factors: the positive effects on a student, increased competition among students and lac...

3 C`S Foundation

CONFIDENCE, CONCENTRATION & COMMITMENT Several strategies and activities may be adopted to ensure that you are well prepared for the examination. But before proceeding to this stage, ...
Hai( Ben)

How learning actually works

If you`re going to learn anything, you need two kinds of prior knowledge: • Knowledge about the subject at hand, like math, history, or programming• Knowledge about how learning actua...
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