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WHY YOU SHOULD STUDY PSYCHOLOGY.Among other reasons why you should study psychology, is first of all, for personality development, secondly as a foundation subject on which other ...

Do you have a growth mindset about your own intelligence?

Possessing a growth mindset about yourself means believing that everything about you can be changed, grown, improved and developed - your intelligence, skills, personality, social ski...

The Effects of Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety (EA) has been a prolific problem over the past century, and in a time when performance is mostly exam based, it can cause some real problems when it comes to test day. EA...

Can a person diagnosed with schizophrenia construct a valid narrative about their experiences

Consider whether a person diagnosed with schizophrenia can construct a valid narrative about their experiencesBeing diagnosed with schizophrenia is often associated with neurological ...

To What Extent Is It Appropriate to Promote Autonomy Within Clients Across Cultures?

In this discourse, I shall be evaluating the second ethical principle put forward by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) in their Ethical Framework (2013). ...

Reflective Commentary

This is a reflective commentary based on my experiences of performing in the RCM performance simulator. Nowadays, simulators are widely used in different fields to assist learning. Fo...

Overview of Schizophrenia

Overview of schizophrenia Classification and diagnosis Nature of schizophrenia Profound disruption of cognition and emotion- affects language, perception, affect and sense of self....

Psychological research and scientific method

Psychological research and scientific method Scientific method Major features of science - Empiricism - Control - Objectivity - Replicability - Theory construction Scienti...

Attitudes towards psychiatric diagnoses.

Everyday we encounter all kinds of people who have various different physical and mental health problems, though it seems some health problems have got far worse negative connotations...

What is it like to hear voices?

I work with a lot of people who hear voices, sometimes called 'auditory hallucinations'. These voices can be heard as though they are coming from people around them, from the televisi...
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