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How to improve your learning

Some students seem to breeze through their school years, whereas others struggle, putting them at risk for getting lost in our educational system and not reaching their full potential...

Tips from a polyglot

Tips from a polyglot There are lots of tips on how to learn a language, I`ve come to my scheme, and I`ll share bits of it with you. Dream, decide, do! - this old formula works f...

Examine and assess the role of different research methods in advancing psychological knowledge.

The human mind is considered to be the origin of everything that is our very beings (thoughts, feelings and behaviour) individually and collectively as a society. Psychology is the sc...

Evaluation skills in A2 Psychology AQA A

One of the issues with the change from AS Psychology with AQA where you can obtain an A grade from a good knowledge & understanding of the psychology is that the exam questions at A2 ...

Abusive relationships and victim programmes: What is the truth?

Abusive relationships and victim programmes: What is the truth? My extensive experience of being involved in unhealthy relationships has permitted me to explore domestic violence i...

Surviving Postnatal Depression

Surviving Postnatal Depression I lost my baby due to a combination of reasons; all which had a massive impact on her life as well as my own. When I say lost my child I do in fact m...

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Introduction : Bullying is not a new issue. It is not a new reality, circumscribed to the 21st century. It is a reality that has long existed but for many decades, centuries even, ...

Dissertation proposals

This is the season for some students to start thinking about their dissertations. Some Universities require a proposal for a dissertation to be developed during the next academic yea...

General advices for those writing a paper

Writing a paper can sometimes seem like a daunting experience and something that some students dread. Some students prefer the hands-on approach to learning, for example through plac...

The neuroanatomy of subthreshold depressive symptoms in Huntington`s disease

BACKGROUND: Depressive symptoms are prominent psychopathological features of Huntington`s disease (HD), making a negative impact on social functioning and well-being. METHOD: We co...
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