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Social Psychology. The study of `the self` or `identity`.

Should social Psychology continue to study 'the self' or is it more productive to talk about 'identity' in the 21st century? Over the years social psychology has tried to underst...

Does GHT improve health-related quality of life in short stature children? A systematic review

Objective : To review the impact of growth hormone treatment on health-related quality of life domains in short stature children. Data Sources : We searched the English peer-reviewe...

Gender Differences: Fact or Fiction

''Are gender differences fact or fiction? Discuss with respect to at least two distinct measures or traits.'' Gender differences are real, in that they do exist in some instances, ...

12 Mark Essay Plans

AO1 - description/outline studies, theories or models (maximum marks available = 6) AO2 - evaluation, strengths and limitations of your AO1 (maximum marks available = 6) 12 Mark e...

The Effects Of Bullying

Bullying is a form of abuse that can be represented in various modalities. The most obvious is physical bullying; however, psychological and emotional bullying are equally detrimental...

Diet-induced enhancement of naloxone sensitivity is independent of changes in body weight.

Intake of palatable solutions can enhance the anorectic potency of opioid antagonists. This experiment examined the relative contributions of orosensory experience and body weight gai...

Biological Approach to Gender Development

Biological Approach to Gender development The biological approach. Every social psychologists nightmare. Slightly reductionist in its views, the most scientifical approach in psych...

Dr Paul Sander

Paul was a principal lecturer in psychology at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff where he worked for 16 years before retiring to live in México. He has taught psychology at...

Human Nature, Actualisation and the Emerging Self

Carl Rogers (1902-1987) the Humanist is best known for his contribution to therapy. He created client centred therapy also known as Person Centred therapy or Rogerian therapy. Th...

Our Personality - Is It Genetically Inherited or Determined by The Environmental Factors?

The main difference among individuals lies in their personality. One`s personality consists in his/her general profile or in the special combination of psychological traits of charact...
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