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Jeanette (tutor)
Oswestry, Shropshire

I have taught online through my own tutoring business and for an online tuition company. I tutor through skype and support students online w...
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John (tutor)
GCSE, A-level, Degree

,Online tuition is beneficial for parents who either live in remote areas or have difficulty finding an appropriate tutor for the subject in...
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Liam (tutor)
Bristol, Avon
GCSE, A-level, Adult Learner, GCSE, A-level

Gained experience teaching learners in both group and one to one settings. ,I offer online lessons as I believe they are a valuable and effe...
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Ali (tutor)
London, London
GCSE, A-level

Whether its simplifying content or more importantly understanding what the examiners want then look no further. My sessions are always dic...
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Georgina (tutor)
Andover, Hampshire
GCSE, GCSE, A-level

I have taught for the last year using zoom as a platform. Zoom is free to use and it allows my resources to be shared with the student. The...
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Andi (tutor)
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

I tutor students one to one online to small e for GCS. and A level psychology and sociology. I also tutor international students following t...
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Amy (tutor)
Epsom, Surrey

I have been tutoring online for over 5 years, and find it convenient for both myself and my students! We can send each other work offline, a...
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Laura (tutor)
Terrick, Buckinghamshire

At irregular intervals for the past 3 years. This has come about when students i have tutored face-to-face have had a change of circumstanc...
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Jason (tutor)
Swansea, Wales
A-level, Degree, Adult Learner

Dedicated Online Teacher who is very experienced in creating effective online lesson plans for a variety of subjects (mostly based around ps...
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Victoria (tutor)
Ealing, London

I often use online resources to support my lessons, both during lessons themselves and outside as part of home learning.,Online tuition can...
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Yasser (tutor)
Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE, A-level

I offer all of my services online and have a breadth of experience in providing online and telephone tuition, coaching and expertise. ,
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Annemarie (tutor)
GCSE, A-level, Adult Learner

I currently hold psychology session via Skype, and am very comfortable and confident doing so.,The ability to teach people wide and far, and...
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Rebecca (tutor)
Witney, Oxfordshire
GCSE, A-level

,Remote access for both student and teacher, provides greater flexibility. Can provide links and relevant online material instantaneously to...
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Amanda (tutor)
Barrow-in-furness, Cumbria
GCSE, A-level, Degree, Adult Learner

I am an experienced online teacher, and have taught English Language, Literature, Psychology, Sociology and Personal Statements online to ch...
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Martin (tutor)
GCSE, A-level

I have taught remotely via Skype as part of my curriculum at the school I currently teach in. This has been in the form of half term and pri...
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Kym (tutor)
Wansworth, London
Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE, A-level

The majority of my tutoring experience over the past couple of years has been online, where I have juggled students in Singapore, the Philip...
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Toby (tutor)
Congleton, Cheshire
Key Stage 3, GCSE, A-level

,I shall provided very detailed Presentations and Prezi`s. I am also able to communicate verbally to help revisit and misconceptions on a to...
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Camilo (tutor)
Piedmont, OutsideUK
A-level, Degree, Adult Learner

I have tutored online mainly via Skype and Google Hangouts for subjects in English and Spanish for college and high school students.,As you...
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Ken (tutor)
Nr Whitehaven, Cumbria

I left the UK classroom in October 2008 to teach in a school in Bangladesh. As a result, several of my former classroom students took me on...
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Christian (tutor)
Peasedown St John, Somerset
A-level, Adult Learner

6 years online experience of teaching Chemistry and Science at GCSE and A-Level.,Wider pool of students to work with and can easily work aro...
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