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Excel Power Query - Merging and Appending Queries

Power Query Merge and AppendDon`t be put off by the terminology, Power Query is simply sorting and organising data that you wish to import into your Excel spreadsheet and in doing so ...

Excel Introduction

ExcelExcel is a software programme designed to take data and conduct analysis to extract useful information in tabular or graphic from. The information can then be used for a varie...

Conditional Formatting - An Introduction

Conditional formatting What is conditional formatting? In literal terms it is getting the format of a cell to change depending upon the content of the cell linked to a rul...

Using Tables in Excel

I was recently asked what my favourite tip was for using Microsoft Excel more effectively. Without a lot of thought I was able to answer - Tables! "But", I hear you say, "my data is ...

Dynamic Drop Down Lists

Dynamic Drop Down Lists One of my previous post show that how to create Drop Down List in excel. Here I`m going to discuss how to create Dynamic Drop Down List. Copy below data. P...

Excel tips

Excel Tip: To copy formats only, select, then first click the Format Painter on the Home Ribbon, then click the destination cell. Excel Tip: To copy formats only, copy as nor...
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