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How we learn

Everything developmental psychologists have learned in the past 30 years points in one direction __ children are far, far smarter than we would ever have thought. Their brains are mor...

Achieving Academic Excellence

ACHIEVING ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE In our world today, there has been conflicting opinions on what academic excellence really is. Is it just achieving good grades or passing averagely a...

Training to be selected for Sandhurst

In addition to tutoring English and History, recently it was fun and invigorating to start coaching a young man for the Army Officer Selection Board in October (in to get...

How to Get Into Instrumental Teaching

As professional musicians will no doubt be aware, gigging for a living can often render you nocturnal. Add that to the fact well-paying gigs are hard to come by, and you're almost sig...

Why You Should Apply to Oxbridge

There are many things that deter students from applying to Oxbridge. Most of these things manifest as understandable misconceptions on the part of students, but some remain invisible ...

"Can I practise professionally with your training?"

There is a whole industry built around voluntary regulation of holistic and beauty therapies and the important point is that regulation is voluntary and there are many routes to take ...

The use of ICT to encourage high quality teaching and learning

This teacher guide suggests how information communication technology (ICT) can be used within a secondary school classroom to encourage high quality teaching and learning in science, ...

Online Studies

This article is basically for the parents and students who think that online tuition is different and is not as effective as home tuition. I have been teaching different subjects on...

Holistic approach to education

My first experience of working with children and young people was as a Corporate Parenting worker. In this role, I worked closely with children both in care and those seeking asylum....

Small Differences, Big Result!

As I look back on a historic fortnight at the London 2012 Olympic Games, I count myself very lucky to have had a Leadership role at one of the most historic events this country has ev...
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