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Learning With Mini Whiteboards

Tips for making language tuition fun!

Date : 12/10/2020

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Uploaded by : Jenny
Uploaded on : 12/10/2020
Subject : German

Using a mini whiteboard to practise your language is fun and simple. Here are some activities which I regularly use in my lessons:
  • Pictionary against the clock: teacher draws a vocabulary item and the student races to write the correct word
  • Missing vowels round: Guess the phrase with some of its letters missing
  • Tangled-up translations: half the sentence is in English, the other in German/Spanish... you translate the whole text into both languages
  • Back to back translation: teacher describes an action or sequence of events and the student draws what they understand!
  • 5-minute brain dump: Write everything you can remember about a topic area
  • Bingo: always fun, with words as well as numbers
  • Looped dictation: practise your listening and writing skills at the same time
  • Timed reproduction: if the sentence is 10 words long, you have 10 seconds to memorise it and 10 seconds to write it down from memory!
...there are many more. Language is creative and enjoyable.

This resource was uploaded by: Jenny