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Fun with rudiments

Drum exercises or rudiments can sometimes seem a little boring, especially if you are new to the world of drumming. But they don`t have to be. With a little bit of imagination and som...

Professional Drum Tutor

I am an accomplished drummer with over 12 years experience. I regularly play full kit, Cajon, Djembe and Congas. I have wide ranging experience in originals bands, function bands an...

Not Just Technique

Over many years as a musician, I`ve seen a lot of people play drums. Sometimes it`s fantastic, inspiring, compelling and I`m glued. Other times, I can`t get into what`s happening. Tha...

Music, Drums & Life: Talent Or Hard Work?

We`re all equally talented. I don`t think that anyone is more talented than you, and I do not believe in `talent` per se. Anyone can do what I or anybody else can, I just believe in h...
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