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Fun With Rudiments

Spicing up drum exercises

Date : 05/06/2020

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Uploaded by : Jasper
Uploaded on : 05/06/2020
Subject : Drums

Drum exercises or rudiments can sometimes seem a little boring, especially if you are new to the world of drumming. But they don`t have to be. With a little bit of imagination and some practice, there are numerous ways you can spice up these patterns.

One simple idea is to take, for example, a single-stroke roll and rather than just practicing it on the snare drum, you can replace some of the strokes with a bass drum: RLRB RLRB (B= bass drum). Then you can try playing this around the toms to come up with some tasty fill idea!

It`s always good to start nice and slow, ideally playing along to a metronome. You can also play along to your favourite track, as long as it has a steady repetitive beat.

Another similar idea is to play the same rudiment, but this time also replacing one of the strokes with your hi-hat foot: RLRB RLRH (H=hihat). Again, start really slowly, remembering that you are not changing the sticking at all, other than the replaced strokes.

Not only will this enable you to come up with some nice fills, but it is also excellent coordination practice. The same idea can also be applied to other rudiments, such as the double-stroke roll and the paradiddle. Plus, if you really want to challenge yourself further, try adding some accents to a few of the strokes:

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Good luck and fun!

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