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Not Just Technique

Reflections on a different sound

Date : 06/01/2014

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Uploaded by : Thomas
Uploaded on : 06/01/2014
Subject : Drums

Over many years as a musician, I`ve seen a lot of people play drums. Sometimes it`s fantastic, inspiring, compelling and I`m glued. Other times, I can`t get into what`s happening. That`s ok. But here`s some of my personal taste spelled out below.

I wonder if you`ve heard of Neal Wilkinson? Or maybe Jeff Porcaro? Surely Steve Gadd? These drummers a just a few of my favourites because they deliver something beyond the obvious. FEEL. When I see someone playing so fast, we have to stand by with a fire-extinguisher, I`m always impressed. But when I watch a video of Steve or Jeff, or manage to catch Neal playing here in London, I`m in awe. They don`t play with blistering speed as much. Not because they can`t, but because they don`t need to. I`m in awe of these guys, who can create a feel so tangible, so attention grabbing, toe-tapping and groovy, that you can`t help but smile and enjoy yourself.

Music isn`t a technique. It`s an art. I think we can often be in danger of forgetting that. Listening to others, hearing the vibe of the song, and filling your head with so many soulful classics, gives you something special. Blasting out paradiddles at a gazillion miles an hour, looks great, but it`s only one small part of our art form. If that`s your thing, go for it. But I don`t want us to overlook people, just because they don`t play every rudiment in 0.03 seconds. I`d hugely grateful for my drum teacher teaching me this lesson early on. It opened my eyes and horizons to so much, which could have passed me by. So let`s all keep working hard on technique, so we can have feel, AND exciting chops. And keeping our ears and minds open for things we might not have noticed.

This resource was uploaded by: Thomas