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Music, Drums & Life: Talent Or Hard Work?

What is `natural talent`? Does it even exist?

Date : 20/08/2013

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Uploaded by : Leigh
Uploaded on : 20/08/2013
Subject : Drums

We`re all equally talented. I don`t think that anyone is more talented than you, and I do not believe in `talent` per se. Anyone can do what I or anybody else can, I just believe in hard work. `Talent` is a combination of many factors: passion, creativity, discipline, vision, intelligence, logistics, willpower and many more. I believe in all of these separate components, and that`s it.

Drumming is a never-ending endeavour. The only difference between you and someone more advanced than you is time - the time that the other person had to develop an idea, to gain live playing experience, or to spend time practicing. The time that more advanced players had in the past to create and explore on the drums is time that you may have not had, or time you spent doing something else.

So don`t feel bad about this. You might have other obligations, such as school, a job or a family. You might be too busy touring to practise regularly. Or, you might just be very young and simply haven`t had the time to do as much playing as others. In any case, it`s only time (and how you spend that time!) that makes all the difference; time you spend practicing and playing. There`s nothing magical or mysterious about skill - it comes from practice, playing and experience, and lots of hard work.

I believe that we`re all potentially `talented`, it`s just that some of us just work alot harder than others. Some of us have the time - or make the time - to do it. It`s your choice.

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