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Precipitation in Climate Change

Climate change has been a major area of research and debate. It is defined as any statistically significant trend found in a climate variable [1]. These variables include rising sea...

The electron in magnetism and electricity

Atomic Structure The atom will be explored in more detail in Volume 5: Atomic Physics, but to help understand how electricity and magnetism works, it is important to understand som...

Extended essay on antimatter

Why does there appear to be an asymmetry between the amount of matter and antimatter that we observe in today's universe? Abstract Approximately 14 billion years ago, the universe a...

The Benefits of Tutoring

The key to effective tuition is communication between the student and the tutor. During a tutorial session, the following should all take place: An assessment of the student`s know...

$?$ Energy Loss Analysis in ${15}^P$: Application to Nuclear Batteries

Using radioactive nuclei for electricity generation in Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) is important research as needs for longer life batteries increase. There are many applic...

The Saxophone

This essay will look at the design and operation of the saxophone from the point of view of a physicist. The following site has a useful diagram to which I shall make reference (Figur...

Education versus Examination

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school". Albert Einstein. Private tution is not here to educate pupils but to help pass examinations and...

Model Study of Tsunami Wave Loading on Bridges

ABSTRACT This paper presents the initial results of a series of model tests carried out, as part of an ongoing research project in Cambridge, to understand the maximum impact pressur...

Black holes, Einstein, time travel and 6th formers.

Black holes, Einstein, time travel and 6th formers. Is it possible to explain the idea of time dilation using A level Physics? Most A level Physics courses introduce some of Ein...

Raising Achievement in Science (G&T)

Introduction In order to raise the achievement of gifted students in the field of Physics, it is important to first accept and appreciate the fact that some students are gifted and...
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