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Marketing Assignment Tips

Marketing Assignment Tips (1 of 9): Answer the Task Given, Not Your OwnSimilar to an exam, it is easy to read a task, misinterpret what it is asking for and answer in a way you feel c...

To Learn or… to Learn, that is the Question?

A qualification isn t for everyone. I m not going to lie and say it is as that just isn t true. Some people are doers, some are learners and some can do both (don t you just h...

Getting The (Exam) Timing Right

One of the main reasons why students don t pass a Professional Marketing Exam is because they get the timing wrong. That s why it s important to practice by sitting mock exams w...

Study, Plan and Pass… Repeat

Here are the Marketing Study Labs top tips when tackling a Professional Marketing Qualification:Study GuidesA study guide is a great place to start as it covers all the syllabus topic...

The 14 Steps to Writing a Great Marketing Assignment

I've put together a short 14-step process that should help when planning to tackle a Marketing Assignment. Some of these steps you may want to change in terms of sequence, but make su...

Effectiveness of Fuel additives

FUEL ADDITIVES EFFECTIVENESSTypes of Fuel AdditivesFuel additives include to chemical substances that are added to gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other fuels in order to improve...

The Advantages of Having a Multilingual Website

The internet keeps on growing and it has been contributing a lot for new businesses (and even the existing ones) to spread more their products, and to reach new customers that are loo...

Do stereotypes make us market incorrectly to the modern world?

Successful business globalization implicates understanding the needs of potential customers in a foreign country, and tailoring the business strategy to suit the new culture. Movin...

How to leverage the full potential of marketing automation in the customer purchasing journey

Marketo (2015) state that "engagement is the new competitive advantage" and according to McKinsey (2009) consumers nowadays seek a two-way communication with multiple touchp...

Why Digital Marketing is so important for global and local businesses

It's safe to say that marketing is becoming a more powerful and resource-rich function of business. And as a result of the digital world we're living in, marketing has become the func...
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