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Denmark Hill History Tutors


Here you can browse 5 History Tutors located in Denmark Hill, we have ordered our results by proximity to Denmark Hill town centre. To view any tutor profile, you can click on the 'profile' link. To make contact with any of Tutor Hunt members you must register an account with us. If you wish to refine this search further, please use the search box above.

BA French
£14 - £19
/ hr
I can teach all ages on either French or English English Language Assistant in a French Speaking School for a year. (Teaching ages 11- 18). (2018- 2019) French Teachin...
Southwark, London (0.4 miles from centre)
5 miles
Member for
14 months
£60 - £75
/ hr
to- one tuition offers to discuss texts, histories, languages or cultures, and I always hope that some of these passions rub off onto my students! 5 years and 2000+ ho...
London, London (0.7 miles from centre)
10 miles
Member for
2 years
BA English
/ hr
, which was convened by Dr Sita Balani and Dr Seb Franklin, to two groups of seventeen first- year undergraduates. In January, I marked 52 written papers for this cour...
London, London (0.5 miles from centre)
8 miles
Member for
13 months
BA Philosophy and Politics
£31.25 - £37.5
/ hr
I can tutor Politics, History, and English up to undergraduate level and Biology to A- level. Over three years experience in the not- for- profit sector training inte...
London, London (0.9 miles from centre)
Repeat Students
Hours Taught
20 miles
< 46 minutes
Member for
22 months
BA History
£30 - £35
/ hr
Applying to university can be a daunting task. The individual tutoring and guidance I received in preparation for university interviews and for the Oxford History Apti...
London (0.6 miles from centre)
8 miles
Member for
4 years

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