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4.5 (6 students)
PGCE Social Sciences with Humanities
£25 - £35
/ hr
I am also experienced in working with adult learners and younger students who are working towards 11 plus or entrance examinations. I have a particular interest in Lit...
Bowes Park, London (0.5 miles from centre)
5 miles
< 1 day
Member for
8 years
Degree History of Art
/ hr
My first year was in a primary school (St Sthepens Primary School) as a Teacher Assistant. Now I`m working as a TA and a Part time teacher (History and RS) in a second...
London, London (0.8 miles from centre)
15 miles
Member for
2 years
A Level English Literature
£25 - £30
/ hr
My specialism is History - I received an award in 2013 for the highest grade achieved in my year group (99/100) for AS History - and I have a keen eye for detail and f...
London, London (0.2 miles from centre)
5 miles
< 2 hours
Member for
4 years
QTS Teaching Qualification
/ hr
Adapting my teaching to the level of the student I can help students of any level to excel to their exams or broaden their horizons by learning about the classical civ...
London, London (0.5 miles from centre)
Repeat Students
Hours Taught
20 miles
< 3 hours
Member for
3 years
£20 - £25
/ hr
`Modern Europe: 1500- 2000` and `Fascism in Italy`. This involved creating a class plan for weekly seminar groups of about 20- 25 university students. In addition I co...
London (0.4 miles from centre)
10 miles
Member for
7 years
BA English Literature
£8 - £13
/ hr
On top of my English knowledge, I am an avid historian, and am in the process of writing a historic fiction. My specialities are mainly British History from the 13th c...
London, London (0.6 miles from centre)
5 miles
Member for
5 years

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