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Living With the Stress of Dyslexia - How You Can Help Your Child Cope

Children with dyslexia face daily battles to just try to keep up with their peers. For some, it can become a little too much. Children`s anxiety linked to dyslexia is a real concern...

Effective use of classroom support for students with SEND

Research suggests mixed feelings about the usefulness and effectiveness of teaching assistants for children with SEND in mainstream settings. Some researchers argue that interve...

Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Dyscalculia, Dsypraxia and Dysgraphia Can All Be Corrected Without Medication

Dyslexia is commonly viewed as a condition. & It is also a fairly known phenomenon that Dyslexia is usually accompanied by other conditions such as &dyscalculia, the maths form of dys...

It Takes Me Half a Bottle of Whisky to Get through One of Your Assignments’: Exploring One Teacher Educator’s Personal Experiences of Dyslexia

It Takes Me Half a Bottle of Whisky to Get through One of Your Assignments : Exploring One Teacher Educator s Personal Experiences of Dyslexia Throughout this article the auth...

`Policy actors: doing policy work in schools`

Policy actors: doing policy work in schools The article by Ball et al (2011) discusses the various impacts of introducing policy within the school setting. It offers many differen...

Identifying dyslexia

The first stage of the assessment process is to identify those children who are not making satisfactory progress and who present dyslexic-type difficulties. (Phillips, Kelly & Symes,...

Exam Success- Luck OR Strategy?

Exam Success- Luck OR Strategy?Is there still anything like Luck?Why is it that two students seemly with same study timetable having read same study text and revised same seri...

Children with Autism and the Picture Exchange Communication System

As a former registered learning disabilities nurse, the author had worked for many years with people who have an autistic spectrum disorder, or other types of learning disability. ...

ASD Children Dillemas in Inclusion

Dilemmas of ASD children in inclusion What inclusion actually means? Inclusion means that a school adapts to the needs of pupils with special needs and engages them properly, wh...

Eliciting web site preferences of people with learning disabilities

Eliciting web site preferences of people with learning disabilities Abstract A growing body of literature is recognising the value of the World Wide Web as a tool that can be used...
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