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Protecting Refugee Data — Human Rights Concerns in the Humanitarian Field

A refugee s right to privacy and data protection is found in international human rights law but are humanitarian agencies doing enough to protect the data of the people they work ...

Tech Companies and Extremist Content

He accessed the material and was using it to self-radicalise. Online played a major role in what happened . These were the words of Commander Dean Haydon, head of the counterte...

Fashion`s Unheard Voice

What we choose to wear can reveal more about us than you would ever expect. In fact, you could describe clothing as a language we use to express ourselves to others. Each piece of c...


A few days ago, exactly on March 15, an American Journalist, Brandon Stanton, has inevitably caught my attention, and in some way he touched my consciousness, with an open letter se...

Kim making a monkey out of China in the Year of the Monkey

The Chinese government must have expected that its trouble-bag of an ally, North Korea s strongman Kim Jong-un, would pull some attention-grabbing stunt on the occasion of the Chine...

On the Unfortunate Fate of Newcastle`s Old Odeon Cinema

In lamenting the loss of Newcastle s historic art-deco Paramount Cinema (also known as the Old Odeon), it is difficult to escape a comparison with the work of T. Dan Smith that name...

Gaining Access to Thailands` Juvenile Justice System

BABSEA is teaching a new form of Human and Legal Rights education using English teaching as a medium of communication and as a means to build bridges and open doors to the women's Juv...

Lincoln: it`s not an exhibition

There`s a fundamental problem with `Lincoln`, and it`s this: the premise is completely boring. Legislation is debated, manoeuvred behind the scenes and then passed. This bare-bones pl...

The Night Circus

It has been a very, very long time since I`ve picked up a book, judged it by its cover, and fallen completely in love. Not just in love with the characters, but with the time, the pl...

The Hobbit

Having ventured into the imaginary world of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in my youth, you can imagine my excitement at the prospect of delving, once again, into Tolkien`s magical ...
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