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A composite hydrogel for brain tissue phantoms

Highlights Design and development of a composite hydrogel to mimic brain tissue Testing, material characterisation and comparison with brain tissue Manufacturing and testing of ...

The origins of white etching cracks and their significance to rolling bearing failures

Highlights A specific stress sequence causes both WECs and unpredictable failures concurrently. WECs are a symptom of this stress history and not a direct cause of failure. ...

C-Learning puts the “cloud first” in education

C-Learning puts the “cloud first” in educationUK schools and colleges are only just entering the cloud revolution, and C-Learning can help them grow with the transitionThe trend i...

GRAPHIC DESIGN TUTOR/LECTURER. MA design and art direction.

Struggling with Adobe software? need help creating idea generations and improving design work? Do you need to improve your journal and critical analysis including essays for course...

The New Identity of Films

Abstract This essay discusses how the evolution of digital technology has impacted the film industry over the past century and the way in which films have...

Intercultural Communication

While working in a global market, inter cultural communication plays a pivotal role in a business perspective as well in a social framework. The readings from week 2, 3, 4 and 5 broug...
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