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Geography A Level. A view from the guardian

A star is born. Geography, for so long a Cinderella subject, the easy option for students who found physics or chemistry too daunting, is soaring in popularity. According to the Royal...

Water across scales: examples from Central Asia and the Horn of Africa

29th November 2017: King s College LondonGuest Lecture: Dr Filippo Menga Dr Filippo Menga is a lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Reading, whose research focuses on po...

How does the melting cryosphere impact on the geopolitics and human dependence on ice?

Geopolitics refers to the study of the geographical representation, rhetoric and practices which underpin world politics (Agnew, 2003). The Arctic is disproportionately affected b...

`The main impacts arising from mass movement events are environmental rather than social.` How far do you agree?

Mass movements, the downhill movement of surface material under the influence of gravity, occur when the gravitational force acting on a slope exceeds the slopes resisting force or mo...

Why must Geography demonstrate an increased concern for “Others”?

Without the other, the self would not be able to see its own humanity and the dignity connected hereto [1]This quote by the former Irish President Mary Robinson illustrates the ide...

Outline the recent improvements in volcano hazard management that can help with decisions about whether an area should be evacuated or not during a volcanic crisis.

One of the most effective ways to mitigate the effects of a volcanic eruption is the evacuation of people from threatened areas. The explosion of population growth in the vicinity of ...

`Southern development partners have profoundly challenged the enduring colonial mentalities and power hierarchies that continue to frame North-South development`. Discuss.

During the last decade, the substantial emergence of "Southern development partners' has transcended the old hierarchies of "North-South development` and chal...

Critically assess why some countries appear to have been able to more successfully deploy industrial policy than others.

'The most literal interpretation of industrial policy is any policy that affects industry' (Chang et al 2013). As a result, assessing why some countries appear to have been able to mo...

Evaluate China’s policy to cope with challenges in water management with reference to water shortage

Evaluate China s policy to cope with challenges in water management with reference to water shortage China faces huge disparities in the distribution of water throughout the coun...

The reasons to love human and physical geography

A train journey to Chengdu! China has one of the biggest and busiest railway networks in the world, linking almost every town and city. And unlike most westerners who travel this ...
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