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A vegetable oil-based organogel for use in pH-mediated drug delivery Search within citing articles

Organogels prepared with vegetable oils as the liquid organic phase present an excellent platform for the controlled delivery of hydrophobic guest molecules. We disclose a graft copol...

Biochemical Evaluation of the Compounds for Cytotoxicity on Cancer cell lines

Chemotherapy halts the process of carcinogenesis by administration of cytotoxic compounds which attack rapidly dividing cells (both cancerous and normal), as a result, cells such as...

Lipid peroxide formation in the marine musell

The effect upon lipid peroxide formation in Mytilus Edulis (l) , the marine Mussel when incubated in anaerobic-aerobic environments and in sea water of varying iron(ii) cont...

FhCaBP2: a Fasciola hepatica calcium-binding protein with EF-hand and dynein light chain domains

AbstractFhCaBP2 is a Fasciola hepatica protein which belongs to a family of helminth calcium-binding proteins which combine an N-terminal domain containing two EF-hand motifs and a C-...

Crystal structure of the GABAA ionotropic receptor

This short article briefly describes the structure of the ionotropic GABAA receptor. The GABAA receptor is a Cl- permeable ion channel extensively expressed in the postsynaptic membra...

Oestrogen Beta (1QKM) Receptor Protein Research Project

IntroductionThe protein that is used for the modelling process in this research project is an Oestrogen Beta (1QKM) receptor. The structure of 1QKM is shown in figure 1. and from thi...

Inter-domain interactions in the IMP1 oncofetal protein

The insulin-like growth factor-II mRNA binding protein 1 (IMP1) is one of 3 human paralogues belonging to the highly conserved, multifunctional, RNA-binding VICKZ family [1]. IMP1 is...

Synthetic Tissue Scaffolds

Radical cystectomy accounts for the highest percentage of bladder related surgeries in the world today. The current standard surgical treatment for such a procedure is creating a...

Gut microbiota and obesity

Introduction The total genome of gut microbiota is 100 times greater than the human. Doubtlessly, intestinal flora carries out enormous diversities of metabolic and biochemical funct...

The Structure and Mechanism of Action of Hepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor

The Hepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor (HGFR), also known as c-Met, is a cell surface receptor commonly found in epithelial cells and encoded by the MET gene. It is a Receptor Tyrosine...
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